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Monday, October 6, 2008

Choosing a President of the USA:

Nadene Goldfoot
It's too bad that we can't go back to the days of having a prophet select the next king, like David was selected. Somehow, a prophet knew what to look for. Perhaps it was how David treated his sheep. Something like G-d guided the selection.

Nowdays, the contenders have to have lots of money behind them to run a campaign. They wouldn't get away with coming from a log cabin and going through the agony of walking miles to a school.

We are faced today with two flawed candidates who have decided to fling mud at each other like schoolchildren and who are vying to see who can tell the best lies about each other. Obama has been treated like the coming savior of the world, and has had the bad fortune to somehow be associated with such shocking people as his pastor who hates America, Alinsky's books ( a radical socialist) which helped to prepare him to do a job of community organizing, and now William Ayers who not only invited him to use his living room for a "Meet the Candidate", but is reported to have been the one who handed Obama money that was to be used for some sort of shady education to be spread among the poor students of Chicago, and it wasn't used for reading or math. Evidently there's more of a connection between the two men than just neighbors. They both were professors at the same university, so did have a chance to tip their hat to each other and exchange views possibly in teacher's meetings. Neither Obama or Ayers will say anything about it, which doesn't help to clear up matters. Ayers had an extremely vile past, being a Weatherman who spent his time trying to bomb important places in America. He escaped being in prison on a technicality, and is now acting like a good person except on 9/11 when he stated that he had participated in bombing and wasn't sorry, or some such thing. It seems that Obama's male friends have been questionable and on the radical side. The one good choice he has made is his wife, Michelle and Joe Biden. Obama is very liberal and wants to tax the rich big time and give the money to the poor, like Robin Hood. The rich are not in favor of this idea at all and say it will halt business growth. Not only is he extremely liberal with ideas and money, but he's only been a senator for only two years, and is younger than my own son, so many feel that they don't know him or trust him. Yet he's such a great orator that he has the majority in his pocket at this point. He's cool and collected and very well educated.

McCain's claim to fame is that he was a poor student in the academy and on the wild side like his father, an Admiral in the Navy. His grandfather was also an admiral. We could hope that genetics would play a role in his ability to lead, if not his grades. He was in prison enduring pain for many years while serving his country. I'm not surpised that he went a little wild when he got out, divorcing his wife and marrying a much younger and richer woman. At this point his life is like some movie I've seen. Everyone is worrying about McCain dying while in office. He's two years younger than me, and two years ago I felt quite well. If he survives this campaign, I think he has a good chance to make it through the next four years. It'll take stamina to continue this pace for another month. That's because he made a radical move of selecting Sarah Palin for the Vice position. She's an ex beauty contender, and a maverick like himself. At a time when Obama refused to pick Hillary for a running mate, it was a slick move on McCain's part to choose this young and pretty governor who is the epitamy of the liberated woman who works while having a huge family of five children, too. The problem is that she's kind of hokey in a countrified way, and doesn't seem to know as much as Joe Biden. Women are up in arms with the dreaded thought that she could become president. I don't know. Harry Truman was just a hat salesman, and he turned out to be a great president with great values, like "The Buck Stops Here." She has values, too, but they're not popular ones, like, she's against abortions. That's very unpopular with many. McCain has been in the senate for years and years, so he's old and experienced, but a Republican, a maverick Republican. He doesn't go along with his party on everything, and since the Republicans got us in quite a mess with the Iraq War, and are being blamed for the recession we seem to be in right now, McCain is up against all of this. I've heard that he has never taken any entitlements while Obama has gone silly with them, so he's very careful with money. I've heard that our recession started with Clinton signing off some restrictions on our money, but each are blaming the other for the pickle we're in.

This is a fight, and both are stooping to lying about the other. It's tragic. There should be a referee in the middle at all times to declare what is truth and what is fiction. People's decisions are being formed by a press who already knew who they wanted, and TV stations who also form thoughts in people's minds. We have mostly very liberal stations, except Fox News which is the anathama of a station you wouldn't turn on, as they're Republican. Little do most know that Fox airs both sides and tries to be very fair, but when people refuse to learn both sides, they'll never know this. They're one station against many. Luckily, we have a few brave radio stations that air that other side as well, so people like me can get both sides and hear what they are saying and doing.

We're supposed to have free reign on our decisions, a freedom of choice. On the other hand, G-d is said to already know our decisions even before we do. I hope next month that we make the right decisions for our land of the free and home of the brave, and for little Israel, also land of the free and home of the brave. I hope Israel will also be guided to another president who knows what is best for its people. We could all use a prophet to make the selection for us. This is getting ridiculous.

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