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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Brzezinski Says

Nadene Goldfoot
Zbigniew Brzezinski has been a foreign-policy adviser to world leaders for the past 50 years, and advises our presidential candidate, Obama, being he is also a Democrat. He was interviewed and the results were in our Oregonian this morning in the Parade section under Intelligence Report.

He said the next president "must energetically push the Israeli-peace process." I feel that the one always being pushed is Israel. Israel has been pushed into a corner by our friends. They want peace, and have offered land ever since its inception, but that isn't the goal of the Palestinians who are in command. Israel is enduring constant shelling into its southern section, in Sderot and even as north as Ashkelon from Gazan terrorists. I haven't heard Brzezinski do anything to push the Palestinians into restraint, and concede to a few concessions like recognizing Israel's existence as a legal entity and be accepting of it. When Israel has "pushed back" against deadly assaults, the press comes down on it as the aggressor.

Condoleeza Rice has been in Israel constantly energetically pushing and pushing Israel. How much more pushing is Brzezinski suggesting? Why don't they try pushing to Palestinians for a change? Why is it always Israel? Israel had started with the Balfour Doctrine of a parcel of land that was about six times larger than what they now inhabit. That was cut immediately to calm the Arabs down. Every time peace is offered, Israel has had to give up more and more land. Most Israelis must live in tall apartment buildings as there is hardly any land left for them to build houses. The goal of the Arabs has been to drive Israel into the sea. If Israel gives up any more land, that's where they'll be.

It will be interesting to see what our next president will do to show support for Israel. Israel will have a new leader soon, also. I hope that that person will have strength to not be pushed continually against its own survival.

Reference: Oregonian Newspaper, page 22, Parade section

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