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Friday, October 3, 2008

Both Support Israel: What Are Differences?

Yoram Ettinger has some important views on how McCain and Obama view Israel. Yoram is a former Deputy Ambassador to the USA from Israel. He's a Middle East and American Affairs expert.

Both McCain and Obama support Israel and a Two-State Solution, but in opposing ways. There are arguments among the religious Jews against this idea of Palestine being created in Judea and Samaria "West Bank" and so much of Jerusalem, but it seems to be the only solution offered so far.

McCain feels the war is already in progress between Western democracy and Islamic terror. He says the US should lead the way against terror.He supports Israel's battle against terrorism. The root cause of the Arab-Israel conflict is not the size but the existence of Israel. McCain feels that terrorists are driven by ideology against our values and that they are a most lethal threat and must be demolished. From all evidence so far, his worldview is that an Israeli retreat would turn Israel from a deterring power to a "punching bag." Israel would no longer be able to secure itself and would then become a burden to society.

Obama, on the other hand, has different views, and is much more laid back. He feels the conflict is with a radical Islamic minority to be dealt with by diplomacy, foreign aid, cultural exchanges and less US soldiers around. He feels we need to adopt the Dept. of State bureaucracy. "This is Israel's staunchest critic in Washington." meaning Rice and her declarations. He intends to pacify the UN who is anti-Israel. Like Chamberlain, he wants peace at any price like Western Europe and will appease the 3rd World which blames the West and Israel for terrorism. Obama would turn terrorism over to international law enforcement agencies and bring terrorists to justice. Obama's concerns are much like Tony Blair. They both think that the Palestinian issue is the only cause of problems in the Middle East and need our involvement including exerting more pressure on Israel. He would eventually get back the 1949 ceasefire lines and repartition Jerusalem and look into the Return of Refugees for Palestinians regardless of a population that would overwhelm Israel.

Reference: The Jerusalem Connection International Obama, McCain and Israel
My input. from Yoram Ettinger

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