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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Goldstone Takes Back His Report About Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
Goldstone's Report on Israel at the end of Cast Lead almost put the kibosh on Israel.  He damned Israel with a very false report.  Goldstone himself, a Jew from South Africa, lives in a very anti-semitic-anti-Israel atmosphere there.  Tutu has not said flattering things about Israel.

Goldstone jumped on the bandwagon to attack Israel with his report and in doing so received so many allocades from his peer group.  Now, very quietly he has come out with the true facts, but blames Israel for not assisting him in getting the real facts.  He would never make a good detective in the States.  You don't ask the accused for facts-only their side of the story, and even at that Goldstone failed to do so.

Now he's trying to be the rescuer of Israel after he has really screwed Israel and its IDF over royally.
All of his members on his commission denounced Israel in Gaza before they even investigated anything, and evidently he went along with their hatred.  So who did they ever interview?  Most likely a few terrorists. 

They had the death count wrong.  They had the fact wrong about why Gazans had died and where they were.  They blamed Israel for their deaths when they were hiding among civilians.  They didn't bring out the fact of how many missiles and rockets had been fired into Israel and for how long.  Just about the whole report was a pack of lies, and the worst part is that reporters of large newspapers here in the states did not question a thing about it but were quick to also put the blame on Israel's shoulders, even Jewish reporters. 

Of all the things that has happened to Israel, this is the worst sort of condemnation that could have happened.  Israel was shelled for years, begging the world community for help and the UN did nothing.  Then finally when Israel could not take it anymore and was forced to protect its citizens with "Cast Lead", the terrorists indeed took a pummelting, but also set Israel up to take blame they shouldn't have by putting their own people in harm's way.  How nice that now Goldstone has decided to explain that indeed he had been wrong.  It's good that he has finally done so, but too little and too late for Israel's good name.  The die had been cast against Israel and only G-d can help now, for people have a mindset against Israel anyway and won't want to change their position of being against Israel.  It does make people like me feel vindicated for we knew the truth and were absolutely disgusted with Goldstone.  I for one certainly wished a klug on his house for bearing false witness against Israel.  .

Has Goldstone now repented? Is this his idea of teshuva?   If so, it's very weak.  I really don't know how he could have lived with himself for writing such a report.  I hope he continues to think about it and man-up.  He needs to take full responsibility for the harm he has caused and not be a wimp and blame Israel's lack of reporting to him when he  wasn't capable of hearing anything from them in the first place. 

Reference: Goldstone's Feeble Backtrack by Rabbi Shraga Simmons
4/4/11: by Horovitz

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