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Friday, April 8, 2011

Israel's Dangerous Backyard: IRAN

Nadene Goldfoot
The son of a friend of mine from Safed, Israel is Noam Bedein who is the Director of the Sderot Media Center.  Noam is on his 6th campus tour trying to bring some truth to the students about Israel and the Palestinian War. 

He explains that 97% of the rockets fired by the Palestinians into Israel come from within their civilian population.  Reporters never mention the suffering that goes on in Israel.  Many Israelis are suffering from PTSD, a condition more common with returning American soldiers from Vietnam, etc.  Imagine yourself driving to work and only have 15 seconds to get to a bomb shelter if an alarm goes off.  That's hard to do even if you're in your own house, say, in the bathroom.  These drivers cannot use seatbelts because it would interfere with that 15 second break. 

Just about all the weapons the Palestinians use come from Iran.  Noam calls his talk, " Iran in Israel's Backyard".

Noam's father, David Bedein, was a social worker when we moved to Safed.  My husband was a former actor from Brooklyn and Miami, so he sat down and wrote a laugh-in type skit about us moving to Israel with all our experiences.  David and Danny did the shtick and I did big cards that were part of the show.  We played in hotels in Israel that David managed to line up for us.  He got us the gigs.   Later, I wrote plays and David and his wife were among the actors in some of them.  David always knew what was happening, and later became a newsperson.  He investigated the Corrie Affair. 

You see, Israel is such a small country that if you aren't related to everyone you just about know everyone.  Who moved across the street from us in Safed but a family from Portland.  Then it turned out that Sam's father had worked with my father.   It's a small world.  That's why when there is an army alert call-up because of danger, we all suffer. 

Be sure to read the article below.  It tells a lot more that is very worthwhile reading with pictures. 


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