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Friday, April 1, 2011

Rabbi David Rubin from Shilo, Samaria

Nadene Goldfoot
David Rubin, a New York Jew was like many typical young Jewish men in the 60's.  He went on a world jaunt to see different cultures and finally settled in Shilo, Samaria, or the so called West Bank as it was dubbed by Jordanians.

He just spoke to a group of Christians of the El Shaddai Ministries who have discovered the Torah and are now students of it.  They love what they are learning and know more than many of our own Jews, who have stopped learning after bar mitzva age and may think of Judaism only as a cultural thing. 

Shilo is mentioned in the bible as a place on Mt Ephriam where people were told to go and plant vineyards.  Today Christians go there and take part in working in their vineyards as a mitzvah.  Watchmen is the term used, and in Hebrew, this is the Notsreem, which is the word today used for Christians.   Jews are Yehudeem. 

I say this because these Christians care about the continuance of Israel and are very supportive.   In Rabbi Rubin's talk on a tape found below, he mentioned how Cyrus, the Persian king (now Iran) supported Israel and how our former President Truman knew about this history. He was very brave in recognizing Israel in 1948.   George Washington spoke about being nurtured by the Jewish faith.  John Adams spoke to a Jewish soldier and said he hoped that Judea would be revived as a nation.  Also, Abraham Lincoln believed in the restoration of the national home of the Jews. 

Rabbi Rubin  advised his audience to speak truth to authority and to keep America's democracy.  Yale University used to have speakers speak in Hebrew.  It was a part of the University, but today has probably vanished from use or memory. 

He went on and explained that not everyone has the same ideas when you talk about democracy.  A recent survey in Egypt found that 77% of the population believed in cutting off the hands of thieves.  They also believed in executing anyone who changed their Muslim religion to another one.  The Muslim Brotherhood is gaining power in Egypt.  It is an outgrowth of  Sunni Islam.  Need I remind people, but Egypt is Israel's neighbor. 

He mentioned that Islam is growing in size and power all over the world.  In Malma, Sweden 30 years ago the city was void of any Muslims but today the population is 25% Muslim.  Being Muslims are used to having 4 wives and many concubines, this can grow faster than a Christian population.  The fact is that they believe in Sharia Law.  Charter Muslim Schools are being built that are teaching things like pigs were originally Jews and that's why they don't eat pigs.  Jews were impure people. 

The tape gives lots of background on the Muslim religion.  For instance, in Israel, mosques are built over Jewish historic sites.  This is how they show victory over others. 

We cannot afford to keep our minds shut to the differences and meanings of others.  I would suggest that you spend the time listening to the tape and get some new insights to what our world is up against. 

Rabbi Rubin was shot in the leg in a terrorist attack as well as his 3 year old son who was shot in the neck.  He has created a fund to help the children of terrorist attacks rehabilitate.  That's why he takes on speaking engagements  in the states.  Remember, Rabbi means "teacher" and he certainly is doing so on this tape. 

Resource: Jeff Morton

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Nadene Goldfoot said...

Interestingly enough Nadene, every Christian denomination that you can utter from your lips attend our congregation. We do not consider ourselves Messianic and we do not believe that the Jews need to be converted. We believe that all of the Christians need to return to TORAH...YeHoVaH does the rest...we also have 40,000+ regular followers listening to our Shabass services (on Saturday) where we follow the Torah and Haftorah portion weekly...We are returning to the root of our beginning which is Torah and learning from our Jewish Brethren. The Christian Jesus is not who we honor but the Jewish descendant of Judah we do....Yeshua!
From Jeff Morton