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Thursday, April 28, 2011

War or Peace on the Horizen

Nadene Goldfoot
Upon hearing that Fatah and Hamas have joined together in a reconciliation agreement, Netanyahu commented that Abbas has to choose either peace with Israel or peace with Hamas.  Fatah can't have peace with both of them because Hamas's charter and expressed goals are to destroy Israel.  They are showing the world their desire to do so by shooting  missiles into Israel. 

To confirm this, Mahmoud Azhar of Hamas said their political platform is:
No recognition of Israel
No negotiations with Israel
His view of a combined government with Fatah is only to handle internal Palestinian issues.

Nabil Abu Rudena of Fatah reports that their reconciliation with Hamas signed in Cairo are internal Palestinian issues. 

I think they both are giving Israel the double-talk.  What all do internal matters cover politically?  Water, oil, traffic control?  No, they're attempting a marriage between the two terrorist groups.  Whether or not the marriage lasts and doesn't end in another divorce is to be seen. 

At least Netanyahu laid it out for Abbas.  You can't have your cake and eat it, too.  Either Israel will view you as a friend or as an enemy, depending on your alliance with Hamas. 

Lately, there have been several acts showing that Fatah is still an enemy.  Just what have they been doing to show they want to be at peace with Israel and will prove to be a good neighbor?  The government keeps promoting maps in their schools without Israel-only Palestine. Their history books teach a biased slanted hodgepodge of misinformation about Israel and about Palestine.   Is this their Freudian slip?   Their 63 year old attitude towards Jews shows up in continued slayings  of families and people in Judea and Samaria stemming from their national hatred.  Their hatred shows up for Israel to see when Abbas and other officials attend and lead ceremonies honoring their violent terrorist martyrs where they name streets and such for them. 


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