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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Italian from "Free Gaza Movement" to be Executed by Jihadists

Nadene Goldfoot
Vittorio Arrigoni, Italian pacifist and blogger obviously has thought the worst of Israel and of Jews for he joined the "Free Gaza Movement" who campaigned against Israel's blockade of Gaza.  They came on a boat bringing supplies in 2008 that Israel allowed into Gaza's  port.  These people never looked into why Israel was blockading Gaza nor cared that Gaza was shelling Israel constantly.  It was the "thing to do."

Evidently some of the Jihadist  Gazans decided they didn't like this Italian who came to  Gaza in 2008 and never left.  They said that he entered their land to spread corruption and they described Italy as the "infidel state."

This Jihad group is aligned with al Qaeda and has threatened to execute Vittorio who they have abducted in a few hours unless the Hamas terrorists release their group's leader, Hesham al-Sa'eedni.  We see terrorists threatening  terrorists.  They have posted a You Tube clip saying the execution will take place on Friday at 5pm (10am EST).

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is trying to get him released before it's too late as he realizes this is only harming his cause.   Abbas is of the PLO former terrorists called Fatah, and does not have much clout with Hamas terrorists, so I doubt if they will listen to him.  they continue to have the  power struggle that drove Abbas out of Gaza.  Vittorio's life depends on how Hamas either cares to be seen by the outside world or how he views his control over the Jihadist group. 

5:43pm  my time:  News just came in that his body has been found in an abandoned home.  Right now it is 3:46 am on Friday in Gaza.  It looks to me like they jumped the gun on their time for the execution. 

A kidnapping  happened once before when BBC journalist Alan Johnston was held for 114 days by an al Qaeda type group, the Army of Islam.  They released him in 2007.  He had been kidnapped by gunpoint on March 12 and released on July 4th. 

5:43pm: body found

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