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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who are UNRWA People In Palestine Schools?

Nadene Goldfoot
Palestinian schools teach their own idea of truth.  They have been known to teach that Israel is not even on the map, only Palestine. 

Now UNRWA workers are strongly opposed to teaching about the Holocaust era of the Jews.  This came about because UNRWA had decided to include this in the curriculum under "human rights."  Their workers union have replied that teaching this will only confuse the thnking of the children. 

Their emphasis is the study of the history of Palestine and the acts of massacre carried out against Palestinians including the war in Gaza. 

These students are already confused or have been fed nothing but a pack of lies.  How confused they will be about their own people when they find out the historic truths. 

I note that these UNRWA workers are not referred to as teachers or even instructors, only as workers.  The UNRWA Workers' Union is opposed to teaching a Holocaust Unit, yet the chaiman, Suheil Al-Hindi told that UNRWA approved teaching about it but the teaching has not yet started.  It appears that it never will, too.   Some neighbors they're going to be. 

Resource: Itamar Marcus

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