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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Picking on AIPAC

There is a conference scheduled in Washington DC on May 21-24, 2011 called Move Over AIPAC.  AIPAC is the support group that I belong to, so am distressed at seeing such an event.  It is supported by Stephen Walt, John Meirsheimer, and the Jewish voice for Peace, a very leftist organization, and Palestinian speaker Nadia Hijab. 

They are so unbiased that they had invited Helen Thomas, the elderly Lebanese-American  news reporter and favorite in Washington DC that said publicly that Jews should go back to their old homeland to speak, but she has declined, wanting the negative attention on Israel and not on herself.   It wasn't mentioned, but I imagine that J. Street is also attending.  After all, they are the ones trying to replace AIPAC. 

AIPAC has been behind Israel for the past 50 years. " As America's leading pro-Israel lobby, AIPAC works with both Democratic and Republican political leaders to enact public policy that strengthens the vital U.S.-Israel relationship. With the support of its members nationwide, AIPAC has worked with Congress and the Executive Branch on numerous critical initiatives -- from securing vital foreign aid for Israel to passing legislation aimed at stopping Iran's illicit nuclear program." It's America's pro Israel Lobby. 

With such speakers, I can only imagine that this is going to be a "Let's bury Israel"  as well as AIPAC.

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