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Monday, June 20, 2011

Americans Join Flotilla Against Israel While Middle East Is In Smoke

Nadene Goldfoot
The population of Gaza is about 1.5 to 1.7 million Arabs of which the Hamas terrorists were voted as their leaders.  Their charter is to destroy Israel and never to make peace with them.  They have been engaged in a war of destruction with Israel  They bomb the Jewish country with rockets, missiles and mortars along with all the negative propaganda they can create.  Hamas is backed and armed with weapons from Iran, who also want to destroy Israel.  Besides being a democratic state, the only one in the Middle East, Israel happens to be a Jewish state, one amid the Islamic nations   This is the sole reason that these states are so against Israel.  Jews had the audacity to accept  their land in 1948 from England when the Arabs refused their share and the Israelis have made something out of it.  The Jews have prospered in their teeny land and have created thousands of things, medical discoveries as well as businesses.    For this Jews have not been forgiven. 

Israel has had to have a naval blockade on Gaza because of Hamas's need to procure weapons from Iran and whoever else will supply them.  Gaza has all the necessities it needs.  It is Israel who has taken on the responsibility of trucking them into Gaza. There are at least 300 trucks that carry supplies into Gaza daily from Israel.   Even the UN has told people not to break the blockade and that it is not necessary (unless of course their goal is to sneak in weapons).  Hamas refuses to make peace with Israel.  This is a state of war of their own choosing. 

However, not to heed advice, 36 Americans are still planning on boarding their ship, Audacity of Hope,  and break the blockade.  They will fly later to Athens to get ready for the short journey from there.  Their reasoning is that they say they see this as a human rights violation.   Professor Rashid Khalidi, Palestinian-American critic of Israel from Columbia U is a major organizer of this ship.  Last I heard was the group was trying to raise $370,000 to get the ship. 

I feel they are doing this, not for the sake of bringing anything of value to Gaza, but for the publicity that they hope to cause against  Israel.   If anyone is a violator of human rights, it is Hamas who continually fire on Israel hitting Sderot and Ashkelon and the country-side and stir their people to kill Israelis, like the Fogel family recently slaughtered in Itamar, Samaria. 

They concentrate on Israel while the Syrian troops are going into their rebel's villages near the Turkish border setting fire to their homes and a bakery.  They have cut off the lifeline to thousands of these uprooted people that are stranded out in the open arresting masses of people.  Turkey has taken pity on them at least and are bringing food to them even though they are on the Syrian side of the border.  Atrocities of all sorts are going on in the Middle East, yet our Americans can only see fault with Israel and with the people who brought to the world the 10 Commandments. 

update: 6/27/11 On Sunday, however, Greek officials blocked some of the ships from setting sail to Gaza. Organizers said that they had retained lawyers to will fight the stop-order with the aim of allowing the vessels to leave harbor on schedule.

Vessels from Italy, Spain and Canada are also participating in the flotilla.
(If they try to breat the blockade, they will be arrested by Israel.),7340,L-4057894,00.html by David Harris; excellent 6/27/11

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