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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood Party In In Egypt

Nadene Goldfoot
The Muslim Brotherhood Party, wearing the robes of the newly called Freedom and Justice Party, now claims to be a non theocratic party made up of 9,000 founding members.  This is the first time they've been accepted as a legitimate party in Egypt in 80 years.  They were created in 1928 but banned in 1954 after being connected with assassinations, like of Nasser.  Unfortunately, they have remained the most organized party in Egypt. 

They have their eyes on half of the parlimentary seats up in September.  Their symbol is of two swords and the Koran.  After reading the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood as listed by Stand With Us, I know that it was a wise move that had banned them in the first place.  Their ideals have no place in the modern world trying to get along in a peaceful manner.  They were all for blood and guts of Jews.  Their freedom and justice simply does not apply to Jewish people.  I'm sure that Sadat is turning over in his grave.  Egypt is taking a step backwards.,7340,L-4079489,00.html

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