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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Favorite Heroine in Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
Brigette Gabriel is my heroine.  She is a Christian Lebanese woman who was a young girl in 1982, when Israel went into Lebanon.  I was there, having moved to Safed in 1981 after making aliyah in 1980.  Brigette explains fully what life was like for her in Lebanon prior to 1982, telling things I knew nothing about. 

What I knew was that Major Hadad of the Christian Lebanese Militia was guarding our border and that he and probably his soldiers came into Israel for R&R to our hospital.  I was so thankful at the time that there was a group in the Middle East who was supportive of Israel and we were working together.  I had no idea of the horror the Christians were going through prior to Sharon allowing his men to go into  the Palestinian camps there and do what they felt they had to do.  Sharon was in big trouble after that.  Maybe he of all people knew what they had been enduring.  Brigette was suffering terribly at that time.

She emphasises in her video below, that there are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world.  Only a minority are radical Islamists.  However, that minority makes up 15-25% of all Muslims which amounts to 180 to 300 million radicals.  That's a lot compared to the 6 million Israelis, of which 5 million are Jewish and over 1 million are Muslims. 

Lebanon was a jewel of a country in the Middle East.  It was made up of Christians and Muslims.  It didn't work.  Christians were slaughtered.  At a time now that Israel is again having to prove her right to her existence to the world and to keep the little bit of land which amounts to only half of what she had been promised and what she had to lose lives over, listening to Gabriel's words are most important.  If only all those who are boycotting Israel and her products and want to break into Gaza on ships on the upcoming flotilla would hear her out, maybe some facts would be understood. 

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