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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Palestinian Demonstrators Resist Israeli Water

Israel has had to build security fences in order to protect themselves against Palestinian attacks that are out to kill or maim them.  It has been shown to have saved hundreds of lives.

There are demonstrators near one by Bethlehem, south of Jerusalem and a neighbor of Efrat in Gush Etzion.  It was a hot day and an IFD soldier offered some people water who were demonstrating there.  They threw it on the ground, resisitng the temptation to drink it showing their contempt of an Israeli being there. 

When you have a people who are so adamantly against  accepting  a simple glass of water from you, which is what Abraham used to do when he sat in his tent, being the welcome wagon for any traveling people passing by his tent,  how do we expect to ever make an inroad to their wanting to destroy our state?   This soldier did the right thing by offering them water and they could not break the wall they have built up against Israel.  This refects their attitude exactly when Israel has done many good things for them, such as leaving buildings of businesses for them when they left Gaza.  Israel has always had good intentions in their administring Gaza but has been rebuffed every time in their attempts.

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