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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Money Funding Flotilla Are Hamas Connected

Nadene Goldfoot
Money from sources that are connected to Hamas have been found funding the flotilla. 

!.  The European Campaign to End the Siege or ECESG have been linked to Hamas.  In fact, the group is illegal in Israel. 

2. The ship, Switerzland-based Droit Pour Touse,  and the Italian based ABSPP are also known to be funding the Hamas and flotilla organizers and participants. 

The Swiss, who have the reputation for being inpartial in wartime, have a Swiss Human Right Association who were planning on arresting Israel's President Shimon Peres when he went to Switzerland for war crimes against humanity.  This appalls me.  Israel has been under attack for much of its 63 years with recent constant shelling from Gaza and not once did anyone step up to the plate to criticize the Arabs for attacking Israel.

The association of Palestinians in Italy, in Italian as Associazione benefica Di Solidarieta Con II Popolo Palestinese are also connected with the "Union of Good" a group of Islamic charities.  They are connected with Hamas in Damascus and are calling for donations to their cause.

Yet, when Israel finally defended itself, it gets the "war crime against humanity" accusation.  If this isn't a show of anti-semitism, I don't know what is.   Wasn't it France who had to depend on the USA to rescue them in WWII?  I guess they just couldn't defend themselves at all.  Israel is so small, yet had to defend itself by itself, and with ammunition it had to buy and pay for as well, and Switzerland  said, "we just don't mix in."  Brilliant!  I suggest that Switzerland get busy and start reading some history books for a change. 


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