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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

UN Security Council Views on Israel and Palestine

Nadene Goldfoot
Obama vetoed the Palestinian attempt to be a state at the UN.  Now they are planning to bypass the UN Security Council by seeking an emergency session with the General Assembly known as "Uniting for Peace".  This is to override any veto.  September is the date this will happen. 

The Palestinians had said, "If peace talks remain deadlocked"  and look who won't even come to the table to talk; the Palestinian's Fatah leader,  Abbas. 

Israel was voted by the UN to be recognized as a state on May 14, 1948.  To this date, they are the only state in the world that is not allowed into the Security Council's eligibility list, which to me shows blatent anti-semitism.  There are 188 member countries.  Only Israel is singled out to stay out.  To be eligible, a country must belong to one of 5 regional groups, and Israel should belong to the Asian bloc.  Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and others have denied them entrance.  The 5 permanent members are: China, France, Russian Federation, UK and USA. 

 UN Secretary Genral Kofi Annan has called for an end to this injustice and the temporary measures he proposed is to be accepted by the West European and Others Group (WEOG) which includes democracies of Western Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.  The USA, Australia, Canada and Norway support Israel's admission but the 15-member European Union refuses to act.  There's the latent anti-semitism right there.  If not that, what?

As for the temporary membership of the Security Council,  Africa gets to have 3 members and Asia gets 2.  Between them one has to an Arab.  Eastern Europe gets 1, Latin America and the Caribbean get 2 and WEOG get 2 of which one has to be from Western Europe. 

 Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and the only Jewish one and it isn't good enough to be included with every other country's eligibility  on the Security Council.  The U.N. is supposed to be supported for its peacekeeping and democracy-building, but evidently not all the members favor that.  Truly, the fairness of this world is still extremely lop-sided.  It is only in this world that a teeny country can be constantly attacked for the length of its life and when it finds it must fight back or be extinguished it finds itself judged to be the aggressor.  No, rather those betting against its life are just poor losers as Israel keeps on living.
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