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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Flotilla Delayed and Dwindling

Nadene Goldfoot
Our prayers haven't hurt that the flotilla would disappear and not bring havoc to Israel.  I for one will keep it up. 

The Flotilla 2 has had its problems.  Originally planned with1,500 people participating, it's now down to 350.  Ten ships are still trying to get their act together in Greece.  Two ships from France have already sailed towards Gaza but the rest hope to set out by next week.

First, there have been insurance problems.  That's not finished.  Greece has presented them with lots of red tape to deal with.  The combined Swedish/Greek ship, Juliano's propeller shaft was cut and the passengers are blaming Israel for that.  With ten ships coming, I doubt if it was that important to disable just one of them. 

That leads to the news from good sources that the passengers on one or more ships were planning to dump bags of sulphur on the young IDF soldiers when they boarded the ships.  That is a chemical and highly explosive if a match was struck.  It's beyond horror.  Passengers of course are now denying it. 

Ships in the flotilla are already in Greece and represent Ireland, the Audacity of Hope from the USA, Canada, Sweden, Greece, with two Swedish/ Greek cargo ships carrying 3,000 tons of unneeded supplies, Italy and France.  One of the spokesmen is Ewa Jasilwicz of Poland, so there may be others from countries not mentioned.  All countries involved have been apprised of the IDF plans and why.  The UN has already come out advising against the flotilla  in that it is against the law and needless.  The reasoning is obvious to all of us; the instigators and participants are eager to cause a provocation to Israel if not the death of the soldiers. 

If amongst that 3,000 tons of supplies or any package meant to go into Gaza our IDF finds one missile, rocket or mortar or even handgun, the passengers are going to be in mighty big trouble.  They'd better all hope and pray that none of them has tried to do such a thing.  Aiding and abetting an enemy is a serious charge.

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