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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Doctor Caught Throwing Rocks in Safed

Nadene Goldfoot
You usually hear of young teen age boys throwing rocks at the Israeli soldiers, but just now I read about a 28 year old doctor at my old hospital in Safed indicted with three other men for throwing rocks at young IDF soldiers.  This happened on the Palestinian celebration of Nakba Day, and this is how they celebrate.  This is the commemoration of Israel's winning the war in 1967 when surrounding Arab nations ganged up on Israel in a huge attack and to the Arab's utter horror, the Israelis surprised everyone by winning in 6 days!  The consequenses weren't what the Arabs had in mind at all.  It was that Israel gained all of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. 

I lived in Binyon 213 on David Eliazar Street.  Across the street was the junior high where I worked and down my street was the hospital where I had been a patient several times.  During the war of 1982 all the men of Safed were called into service in the army and we women filled their shoes somehow.  I taught more during that time, or tried to while my students curled up in fetal positions in corners and under desks worried to death about their fathers, uncles, brothers and cousins in the army.  My big effort for the army besides being with the students was to bake cakes for the soldiers who were getting to their appointed bases.  Cake and coffee stands were set up in the streets for them.  They were sure to enter the war on a sugar high, I thought. 

My students would panic when they heard the helicopters overhead bringing in injured to the hospital.  Whoever was injured, Israeli or not were taken there.  My 9th grade boys acted as interpreters for the hospital as they take classes in Arabic and English, and some were also native Arabic speakers.  They found that English, which I was teaching, was the language they could all use. 

To think that an intelligent mature medical doctor would do something like aim to maim or kill is just disgusting .  Dr. Mahmoud Mahmoud really disappoints me.  I have this idea of doctors saving lives, not taking them.  Being he is living in Israel, and is one of the million+ Arab Muslims that are citizens, I suggest he move out into the other Muslim states since he doesn't like us.  He has so many other choices to live in.  Or could it be that Palestinians really aren't so welcomed in the other states? 

People may think this is like the native American flexing his rights with a bow and arrow against the calvary but it's not that way at all.  First of all, the IDF are not shooting at them first.  They are there to guard citizens in their own country against bodily harm from rioters.  Rocks thrown by these seasoned throwers can kill.  Just get hit in the temple and see what happens.  We've already seen soldiers with busted legs from rock throwers during that past few weeks.  All the other Muslim countries are rebelling because they do not live in a democracy and have decided that they want to, and the Palestinians are in a democratic country and are rebelling because it's Israel and not Palestine.  I have news for them.  If the small section of land that Israel sits on had all been Palestine, they wouldn't be living in a democracy.  It would be like all the other surrounding states.


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