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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aging Mahmoud Abbas and His Desire to Be President of Palestine

Nadene Goldfoot
The Palestine Authority's President, Mahmoud Abbas was 76 years old  on March 26th of this year.  He's wasted three years of not coming to terms with Netanyahu in creating his Palestine.  The history of Arabs dealing with Israel has been "all or nothing."  Arabs missed their first chance of many in 1948 when Israel accepted the piece of land they were given which was but a sliver of an original tract they were led to believe they would receive.  The Arabs refused their offer, clearly demonstrating that they were more interested in
preventing the birth of Israel than in creating their own state.  History since then proves this to be true.

Now he and the Hamas terrorists plan to go to the UN this September to declare themselves a state, but it is not within the legal international scope in order to be recognized.  Regardless, whether or not the USA vetos this move, Abbas is calling for his people to show resistance in a peaceful manner against Israel. 

Any protests such as this never remain peaceful for more than a few minutes. 

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