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Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Comments on the Oslo Slaying of 100 By Lone Norwegian Terrorist

Nadene Goldfoot
We finally had someone in Norway that was very sympathetic with Israel and he lost it all and  went on a rampage killing people in car bombings as well as killing almost 100 teenagers in a multi-cultural camp on an island.  Killing innocents around him doesn't help Israel or Jews at all. 

Anders Behring Breivik was reported to have caused all the shocking terrorism in Oslo.  The blonde, probably blue-eyed nice looking Scandinavian left a 1,500 page manifesto as told about by Ben Hartman in "The Jerusalem Post."   One would never think that he would have turned out to be a terrorist.  Anders was bothered about the Muslims and Marxism and concerned about the welfare of Israel and Jews.

I was shocked that he was pro-Israel as it's hard to find such a person in Scandinavian countries.  I had read about Malma, Sweden and how the older Jewish people who had escaped the Holocaust and found shelter there were being driven out of their town by Muslims.  The attitude of the people was very anti-Israel.  I attempted to write a comment in the Swedish English newspaper there, and had received some very derogatory replies showing just how anti-Israel they were. 

Norway hasn't been very helpful in their voting about Israel as well, reflecting possibly the average person's attitude.  The Simon Wiesenthal Center lists Norway as consistently with a failing grade on investigating and prosecuting Nazi war criminals.  The newspapers show blatent anti-semitism and anti-Israeli attitudes by displaying hate cartoons in their leading newspapers, similar to the type Nazi Germany used to produce.  They connect Jews to Nazis, the devil, and animals in these pictures.  The Norwegian government is left wing, and have a most accommodating position towards Palestine and the Hamas terrorists.  An Oslo synagogue was shot at.  The Cantor was attacked. Desecration of Jewish graves has happened as well as Jewish children being harassed in school. " According to the current Israeli ambassador to Norway, Miryam Shomrat, Norway is well known to be the most difficult country in Europe for Israel because of its media's extreme and unfair criticism of Israel and its politicized academic Middle East experts."

Anders was angry with western media who is unfair in focusing on the wrongdoing of Jews, and ignore serious Muslim attacks.  He was angry with Jews who support multiculturalism today feeling this is a threat to Israel as well.  Little does he understand how multi-cultural Israel is in having about 1.3 million Arabs as citizens.  Again, a lack of knowledge  has brought about his outrage as well as being very dissatisfied with his country's politics and attitude and not knowing what to do about it.   This is also something that has caused Muslim terrorism.  They have been fed so many lies about Jews and the history of Jews that they get to this boiling over point.  It's a (shunda) calamity that someone who sympathized with Israel decided to use such terrible force against people and kill instead of using his writing skills or respectable form of persuasion instead to  fight injustices in an acceptable manner.  It's sad that he crossed the line of sanity and could have worked to become a member of Norway's political system to bring about change.

Anders was calling Norwegians to a call to arms in his manifesto, which was described as extreme, bizarre and a ramabling screed of Islamophobia with venomous attacks.   He gave reasons for the importance of nationalism and the effects of Islam in Europe.  He was angry with his country for the 1999 NATO bombing campaign on Serbia and awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to an Islamic terrorist (Arafat) and of being appeasers of Islam.  His philosophy of killing so many now was that if a person decides to strike, it's better to kill too many than not enough. This is to cause the right impact of the strike.  He wanted people to understand that the free people of Europe will strike again and again.  Obviously Anders has become mentally unbalanced.

Did Anders know that earlier this month the Oslo Municipality found out that 33% of Jewish students were physically threatened or abused at least 2 to 3 times per month?  A few days later after finding this information from a survey, an American Jewish group arrived who had been invited by the Oslo Jewish community and they held a two-day seminar on anti-semitism, attempting to improve Norwegian's attitudes.  This was the way to go.  This was a step in the right direction. 
7/25/11 Update:  The deceased at  Labor's Teen Camp is now listed as 68 instead of 100.   (Yahoo News, Oregonian newspaper)

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