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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dr. Eliahu Rips and His Bible Code

Nadene Goldfoot
I think it was the night before that I was watching History International on TV and they did a program on the Bible Code, a code discovered basically by an orthodox Jewish mathematician in Israel by the name of Dr. Eliyahu Rips and written about by investigative reporter Michael Drosnin in two books that I have; The Bible Code and Bible Code II-the countdown, published in 1997 and then in 2002. What Rips did was take the Tanach (Old Testament)  and put it in the computer in Hebrew in the form of a grid and he discovered and keeps on discovering codes. It's like taking every 50th letter and seeing what words are written. It's turned out to be quite shocking and amazing. There are messages telling all sorts of things. Rips hasn't been the first to look for a code in the Bible. Others such as Newton have tried and have found a little, but not like what has been found with the advent of the computer. Newton had stated that not only the Bible but the entire universe is a cryptogram set by the Almighty.  He believed that the universe was a puzzle G-d had made that we were meant to solve.  Dr. Rips believes this and that the code itself states it is "in our hands to solve." This was an update to the books and was most interesting. There are a lot of people who say, "oh, such a silly thing", and they have done something similar with the book, Moby Dick, but they haven't found the codes and then see what it pertains to in the material that had been written as has been done in the Tanach.  Real-unreal? But it sure is mighty interesting. I can't help but think of Einstein's theory of time and that present, past and future are all rolled up into one.  I just can't explain or understand that theory at all, but it seems to have a connection to this Bible code in my mind, and that Ha Shem, know all, planner of everything, knew what he was doing and planned for this to happen when he dictated the Torah to Moses. The gist of what I read as I remember was that our actions can affect the way the world goes, and barely mentioned in the program, which might have been taped in 2002, was that Jerusalem would be divided again. It hasn't happened! Somehow, actions have affected that from happening, thank goodness. This code  usually cannot be used to look into the future, only  past occurrences. It is mindblowing to see words come up vertically and horizontally as well a diagonally that pertain to one event or person. 

The Torah was written over 3,000 years ago and here it was coming up with events like "foreseeing both Kennedy assassinations, the Oklahoma city bombing, the election of Bill Clinton, everything from WWII to Watergate, from the Holocaust and Hitler to Hiroshima, and from the Moon landing to the collision of a comet with Jupiter." Such things as finding Yitzhak Rabin's full name encoded in the Bible with the words "assassin that will assassinate" cross his name is truly eerie.  He was indeed assassinated on November 4, 1995.  He  had been warned by Drosnin  who flew to Israel and met with a close friend of Rabin's, but at the time probably neither one took the warning and the newly found  code seriously.

Drosnin was in New York City on the morning of September 11th and saw from his roof the attack on the World Trade Center.  He then went to his computer and brought up the  program of the Bible code and found the terrible event predicted .  According to the code, this was the beginning, not the end of the danger we face.  He has traveled around the world talking to the White House and to Jersualem as well as having met and talked with Arafat, now deceased.    It's not hard for any of us to see the horrors we face with Iran holding the possibility of creating atomic weaponry and the whole Middle East in upheaval.  We can only hope and pray for the best of results in that perhaps the Middle East will join Israel in having a democratic country with good intentions of living peacefully, and that Iran will join the upheaval and have a new democratic peaceful leadership and not wish to blow everyone to bits. We've seen their people suffer and a beautiful Iranian woman killed on TV.   May the computer age continue giving their important computers involved with creating atomic warfare  viruses.  Until the computer age came along, none of this could have been accomplished and the codes would have remained hidden. 

I for one have been awed by the fact that even such a novel as Moby Dick could hold any kind of semblance of codes.  It makes me wonder as I write anything now just where these words do come from, for sometimes I myself am surprised by what I write and the words I dig up out of this 76 year old brain.    Though Moby Dick proves this can happen, it hasn't come up with any stupendous earth shaking results that I have heard about like the Tanach has revealed.  No book has been published yet with the shocking Moby Dick code results. 

I have thought that the Torah (Five Books of Moses) have been most awesome and relevent to today, and this just makes me be even more in awe of our Torah. As one said in Hamlet, "there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreampt of in your philosophy,"  the Bible Code Rips has given to us just may be one of them.  Does this code prove that there is a G-d?  Eli Rips believes it does.  He believed in G-d before he discovered this Bible code but believes it is a firm scientific proof of his existence.  Drosnin, a secular Jew, believes that no human could have encoded the Bible in this way. 

References: Bible Code and Bible Code II by Michael Ddrosnin
History International TV program on Bible Codes

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