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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Pork Facts to Blubber About: USA Tax Money for Terrorists

Nadene Goldfoot
Itamar Marcus presented facts to Washington legislators yesterday about the fact that our tax money is used to fund the Palestinian's (PA) general budget.  This money is used to pay the salaries to terrorists who reside in Israeli prisons.  We're talking about our $5 million every month going for this pork. It amounts to $60 million per year.   This just happens to be against the U.S. law as well.   $600 million went to the PA in 2010 and an extra $225 million into the PA budget assistence.  We certainly are generous. 

The fact rubs that the PA consistently glorifies their terrorists which prevents any healing between Israel and the Arabs.  This money is not being used to promote peace between the two peoples.  An example is a summer camp for the Arab children. which is under PA's Fayyad's management.  The three groups of children were named for known terrorists:  Dalal Mughraby, who massacred many in 1978, Salah Khalaf, another terrorist in 1972, and Abu Ali Mustafa, also a known terrorist.

Our tax money has not been just used to help shrimp exercize on treadmills instead of our oversized population.  It's going to help killers continue their ambition to destroy Israel.  Surely there are better ways to bring peace in the area.  Now that we've spent all our resources, there's no more pocket change left to spend.  We seniors are just hoping to receive our Social Security checks on the 3rd of August.  Perhaps it's time to turn over the US finances to us seniors.  I'm sure we could find a lot of pork to throw out. 

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