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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Palestinian Attempt in Autumn to Gain State Status

Nadene Goldfoot
The Arabs living in Gaza and Judea/Samaria and east Jerusalem  have been told that the U.S.A. will veto their attempt to gain a Palestinian state status in the UN.  They are unwilling to come to a peace agreement with Israel.  One of their hang-ups is not being willing to accept Israel as a Jewish state even though there are many Muslim countries and states. 

Their plan is that President Mahmoud Abbas will try to get their state of Palestine in Judea/Samaria, the Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem by going to the UN Security Council.  These are territories that Israel won in the war of 1967 when all the surrounding states attacked Israel when the minute state won despite their immense attack  in six days.  Israel has completely withdrawn from Gaza with the results that the Hamas terrorists have taken over the land and have turned it into a staging ground to attack Israel.  In making this peaceful act to help in bringing about a peace, Israel has only been hurt as a result.  Since 2008 Abbas has not come to any settlement with Israel and there has only been attacks from Gaza. 

The USA will veto their attempt, and they then plan to gain recognition through the General Assembly who most likely will support their effort, but this is really meaningless without approval in the Security Council, commented  John Bolton, past U.N. envoy for the Bush administration.

In the meantime, increased shelling from the Arabs in Gaza has been hitting southern Israel in another round of violence.  This causes Israel to retaliate and hit their smuggling tunnels and Hamas centers while at the same time Jerusalem had about a thousand marchers of mixed Arabs and Israelis  for peace going through the Arab neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah to voice support of recognition of a Palestinian state.  Their activism, called the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement,  is doing nothing to cause Hamas terrorists to consider such an idea as being peaceful.  The Hamas goal is to wipe out Israel completely, and evidently is now also Fatah's goal being they have joined up with Hamas.   Something for these marching peace activists to think about is that right now the two groups in this neighborhood are peacefully cohabitating, but what would it be like if this neighborhood were under the auspices of Hamas/Fatah as a Palestine?  Are they thinking that life would remain the same?  Have they forgotten that the notion of a Palestine means that the state would be devoid of all Jews?  They would not be allowed to remain as their idea of a Palestine is to house only Muslims.  

Resource: from arutz sheva

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