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Friday, July 1, 2011

Audacity of Hope Stopped From Sailing

Nadene Goldfoot
First Cyprus and now Greece have decided to not allow ships to leave for the flotilla from their countries.  Evidently they decided to comply with the US and UN requests.  Greece has been the main meeting place for these ships. 

The Audacity of Hope had already started to sail when it was turned back.  My hat is off to Cyprus and Greece for thinking this through.  The main objective of the flotilla is to give Israel grief in one form or another; negative propaganda, time and money and possibly loss of life of the IDF and loss of civilian's lives in Israel if any weapons are snuck through.  I'm most grateful that they do not want to be a party to such audacity.

I believe a German ship has also pulled out on its own decision for not want to be labeled anti-semitic.  There have been so many ways to check out the goals of this flotilla and that there is no need for it except for the negative press they hope to glean on Israel.  There is also the fact that Hamas has been behind a great deal of the organizing of it as well. 

Update: Audacity of Hope's 60 year old captain was arrested on a felony charge for endangering the passengers on board by not following rules of not leaving port in Greece.  The ship carries 36 passengers and 10 media people with 4 crew members.  Court arraignment is on Tuesday.

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