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Friday, July 1, 2011

What Fatah Teaches Their Children About Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
There is a Palestinian Refugee camp in Nablus.  Instead of the Arabs having their people live in Nablus proper or other cities, they are living this way, not working, but receiving money from the UN.  That's 63 years of being on the dole.  They're kept as pawns meant to be useful in times of clashes. 

Taisir Nasrallah had been a Fatah youth leader in Nablus during the first intifada against Israel. Today he is 50 years old and a director general of the Nablus governor's office and a central Fatah activist.  He and others are teaching today's youth with courses on the right of return and that the Israelis stole their lands.  They have sent hundreds of camp children into "Jaffa" and "Ramle" in  Israel to see these villages and towns that were taken from them.    Their message to the children is that they will return to the places from which they were driven out. 

Hanging on a wall in their new building are posters designed like a postcard bearing the inscription:  "From:  Refugee.  To:  Haifa.  Dear Haifa, we will be coming back to you soon." 

Of course Nasrallah and his cohorts are telling lies to these children.  Though there were some Arabs living in Palestine before Israel was created, there weren't many.  The ones who owned land were usually not living on it, but somewhere in Europe.  They sold their lands gladly to Jews at very high prices.  They lived on land that was not a state of Palestine.  It was held by the English after the Ottoman Empire had collapsed to the Allies.  The Turks were on the side of Hitler and of course lost.  There are over a million Arabs living in Israel as citizens.  They are the ones who stayed and did not flee on the advice of their Arab leaders who promised that if they left and let the Arab armies kill off all the Jews, and then they could have their homes.  It didn't pan out that way. 

Jaffah, that Nasrallah brags about being in Arab hands, has become part of Tel Aviv since 1948 known as Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel.  Ramla had originally been an Arab city in the 9th century but has gone through many hands since then.  Today, this city in Central Israel houses 80% Jews, 16% Muslim Arabs and 4% Christian Arabs.   

Fatah does not seem to be a willing peace partner with Israel.  We see that they still harbor delusions of grandeur to take over Israel and are priming their children to do so.  There is not much planned for peaceful living now that Fatah has partnered up with Hamas, who never have hidden behind a disguise of peaceful coexistence with Israel, but have made known their intent to destroy the only Jewish state in the world. 

As long as both Fatah and Hamas are brainwashing their people to hate and destroy Israel, there can be no lasting peace agreement.  There may be some sort of settlement of living, but nothing you can depend on until the Arabs teach peaceful coexistence without coveting what is Israel.

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