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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amy Winehouse Dies At 27

Nadene Goldfoot
Amy Winehouse suffered from the impact of being a successful singer as many have done before her.  She came from a Jewish family in England and was born in 1983.  Her parents, Mitchell Winehouse and Janis Seaton divorced when Amy was 9 years old, most likely rocking her life.  Her dad was a taxi-driver and mom was a pharmacist at the time. 

Amy suffered from her parents' divorce and being bothered by reporters when she became famous.  She became depressed, self abusive and had eating disorders due to many factors.  This caused her to turn to alcoholism, drug use, and smoking drugs which brought on emphysema, an irregular heart beat and finally, seizures. Update: Amy died from alcohol abuse.  She had 5 times the amount in her system that shows intoxication.  She had already stopped using drugs.  

Her death reminds me of my favorite Israeli singer, Ofrah Hazah, 1957-2000, who was so popular from 1980-1985 when I lived in Israel.  She was a girl from Yemen who was a fantastic singer.  Surprisingly, she also died young at the age of 42 from Aids related pneumonia from a blood transfusion in a Turkish hospital after she suffered from a miscarriage.  Her husband died the next year from a suspected drug overdose. Drugs were almost unknown in the Israeli culture, but must be used much more in the entertainment fields in the world. 

Amy Winehouse followed a  list of Jewish women who became famous singers.  She joins Barbara Streisand, winner of 10 Grammys, Paula Abdul, another Grammy winner, Bette Midler, Dinah Shore, and even Bevery Sills, an opera singer. 

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