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Monday, December 12, 2011

Hadassah's Chanukah Fair in Portland

Nadene Goldfoot
The Chanukah Fair put on by Hadassah was a big hit yesterday from 9am to 4pm at Neveh Shalom Synagogue.

Portland-Ashkelon Sister City Ass had a wine tasting event at their table with 5 red and 2 white kosher wines from Israel's Galilee region.  That was a big hit.

Very close to their table was Jewish Genealogical Society of Oregon's table with books out to look up surnames, mainly from Russia and Poland to whet the appetite of many getting interested in their genealogy.  The group, which I  belong to, has wonderful monthly meetings involving great speakers that give us more information about the period our ancestors lived in as well as how to find more information about them.

Near the entrance and exit was the Hadassah bake sale with so many goodies that it was hard to decide which to buy.  I did settle on a dozen cookies in a bag that looked yummy.  Before I got out the door, Debby Korman's father had such an interesting jewlery display, similar to the pennant that she was wearing yesterday, that I bought a different one for my daughter, Debby to go with her red hair. 

There were many tables out with so many interesting items that it was hard to select things, but I did order 3 bottles of that wine.  Looking forward to picking those up. 

Wine Tasting with wines from the Galilee of Israel
James Autrey is telling an interested lady about Ashkelon

Richard Johnson telling Tani Zarelli about Israeli wines from Galilee

Michelle Suffian-Childton, Hadassah ladies happy about bake sales

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