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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Is Appeasement Really the Way to Peace? Ron Paul Thinks So.

Nadene Goldfoot
Autumn, 1938, when Germany was busy getting rid of Jews with Kristallnacht pogroms in November, the British and French governments agreed to Hitler's seizure of the German-speaking Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia. The world must have been aware of the Nazi's "Final solution of the Jewish Problem" and not trusted them.   By 1935 they were busy stripping Jews of any citizenship rights as well as their economic and political rights.  It should have been shocking and a warning to all of the Nazi intention towards all of mankind.  Here they were acting also against Czechoslovakia.   This was done at the Munich Conference on September 29-30, 1938.  Hitler then signed a brief paper prepared by Neville Chamberlain agreeing to Germany and Britain's desire...never to go to war with one another again.  This was the famous "peace for our time" communique from Neville.  So much for an evil entity's promise. 

Hoover wasn't 100% sure it would last but concluded that some strains have been appeased and that war is today more remote.  If war should come, he explained, the US should not join in.  He wanted a free economic life that wasn't built on war.  He thought that would turn the country into a Fascist govenment with restraints on our personal liberties that couldn't be lifted for generations.  I wonder how he thought a good economic life could be carried on without getting involved in a major war or how they were going to keep it away from their shores.  That's an isolationist for you.

A few months later Chamberlain had to eat his words and tried to block Hitler's "Drang nach Osten".  On March 15, 1939, the armies of Nazi Germany invaded what remained of Czechoslovakia after they seized Sudetenland in October.  Czechs did not resist as they were stunned; not prepared for the inevitable.  Did they think they were immune to the Nazi hatred of Jews and that it couldn't happen to them?   Old Hoover just said, oh, it's a shameless and immoral action!  Someday it would be righted and the Czech "race" would emerge again from bondage.  He certainly didn't want to be the one to help them at any time.

He might have thought; Let the French do it.  Hitler then turned against Poland, since this had been so easy, but Britain and France felt bound to help them.  They pledged to go to war against Germany if Germany attacked Poland.  Hoover's thoughts were "If the world is to keep the peace, then we must keep peace with dictatorships as well as with popular government.  The forms of government which other people pass through in working out their destinies is not our business.  We can never herd the world into the paths of righteousness with the dogs of war." 

Hoover was shocked.  He thought they would let Hitler go East if he wanted to.    He thought that a European "debacle" was happening and thought that Britain's skills could keep the USA out of it all.  However, Roosevelt, a Democrat  was now president and on January 4, 1939, talked of the coming storm signals and said,"  the "God-fearing democracies of the world cannot forever let pass, without effective protest, acts of aggression against sister nations--acts which automatically undermine all of us." 

Of course, none of Roosevelt's good thoughts helped the Jews of the world  Six million perished in the Holocaust which, it looks like, Hoover didn't give a hoot about.  The world gave the Nazis an inch and they took far more than a foot.  Is this going to happen today with Iran? 

Ron Paul was asked what he would have done  in the 2nd WW if he were president, and he replied that "he wouldn't risk American lives to end the Holocaust", said like a true follower of Hoover.   
Hoover was the "I don't mix in" man.  He could be standing next to an an attack on a woman and probably wouldn't have interferred.  There was nothing in his philosophy of helping a neighbor, only taking care of himself.  It's something that is not commendable to me at all.  How can such a person hope for help if they were ever in need?  It goes back to the "Golden Rule".  Fate helped us out with somebody much better, Roosevelt.  He wasn't perfect, but he was a step in a better direction. 

Resource: Book: "Freedom Betrayed"-Herbert Hoover's Secret History of the 2nd WW and its Aftermath, George H. Nash, edited and introduced by.

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