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Friday, December 9, 2011

More Missile Attacks from Gaza on Southern Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
Five rockets were fired from Gaza into southern Israel Thursday, Israel time, which would be Wednesday our time.    They were the far reaching kind which exploded in and near Ashkelon, Portland's sister city, which is much farther away from the border.  One struck near Be'er Sheva. 

A rocket struck the general area of Sderot, Israel from Gaza terrorists on Friday morning, Israel time.  Since Israel is about 10 hours ahead of us in the future, that would have happened by our time Thursday night.

Israel has warned constantly that anytime they are attacked to expect a retaliation.  You'd think that would halt their attacks, but it hasn't.  "The IDF will not stand any attempt to hurt the citizens of Israel and IDF soldiers and will continue to take resolute and forceful action against any attacks that employs terror against the state of Israel.  Terror organization Hamas is the address that bears the responsibility."  

The IDF reportedly struck 3 different targets; Hamas training camps in Gaza.  Its aircraft hit sites of terror activity in southern Gaza and another terrorist site in northen Gaza, and that accurate hits on target were reported.  Then a spokesman for Hamas blamed Israel for "the escalation in the region." 

Two terrorists were killed in the targeted IDF strikes Thursday morning.  Arabs said that 20 civilians were also hurt in the overnight IDF raids.  IDF said that "additional explosions were caused because of weapons stores near the terror activity sites that were hit."  IDF regrets casualties among uninvolved persons but once again, the responsibility rests with Hamas.  It's they who choose to operate from within the civilian population.  What they are doing is using civilians as human shields. 

Terrorists from Gaza fire rockets, missiles and mortars to kill, maim, destroy and frighten.  Whether they are successful with each firing or not in killing, their first goal, is not a consideration in retaliation.  Israel is not playing a game of: " you killed one of ours so we'll kill one of yours."   They do damage and disrupt the mental and physical lives of the people.  They know what the consequences of attacking Israel means.  They make their own choices.   

12/9/11 4:11pm "Barrage of Rockets Fired from Gaza into Southern Israel
from embassy of Israel
13 rockets fired from Gaza hit southern Israel in last 24 hours, threatening the lives of more than a million Israelis.

Residents of Southern Israel have remained on high alert since the attacks began on Thursday. A "Code Red" alarm has been sounded throughout the region.

The rockets have mostly fallen on the outskirts of towns, causing no damage or injuries at this time. The Iron Dome missile defense system has also been successfully deployed.

Resource: Artuz Sheva  by Gil Ronen "Gaza Arabs: 1 killed, 20 hurt in overnight air raids."

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