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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Iran's Plan to Drive Israel Into the Sea

Nadene Goldfoot
Israel and the USA and its allies feel that Iran is using its civilian nuclear program of peaceful and medical goals as a cover to develop nuclear weapons that they will use on Israel first.  This is because of the threats it has already made on Israel by Ahmedinejad. He frequently tells his people that Israel must be wiped off the map.   Isn't it rather worrisome that the huge country of Iran, almost drowning itself with its oil wells, needs nuclear energy as well? Needless to say,  what a combination of oil and atomic energy that could be if something goes wrong like it did in Japan with their atomic plant.  It could be as dangerous as a meth operation that blows itself up. 

The US congress has passed a bill banning dealing with the Iran Central Bank, and President Barack Obama hasn't signed it yet but is set to sign it. 

Netanyahu of Israel said that he didn't know whether such "crippling" sanctions would stop Iran's nuclear program, but thought that they would make things difficult enough for the Iranian government that it would have to reconsider its actions.

If these sanctions are not imposed, it would be interpreted by the Iranians as a sign that the West did not have the will or intent to stop Iran.  If Iran gets the bomb, we will be living in a completely different world.  I think most people can understand this, except Ron Paul, who is running for president of the USA, as he would just like to leave Iran alone to do what they wish. 

Yesterday the USA warned Iran against closing the Strait of Hormuz if the USA imposes sanctions targeting the country's crude oil exports.  This waterway carries 1/6 of the world's oil supply.  It would affect the oil prices to levels that could hurt the global economy.  This was Iran's 2nd warning in the past 2 days.  George Little, Pentagon news secretary said that interference with ships through the Strait will not be tolerated. 

What can the USA do if it is closed?  We have the 5th Fleet in Bahrain, and they are ready to ensure freedom of navigation.  They are there to safeguard the vital links to the international community.  Iran is the 4th largest oil producer in the world.  Right now Iran's navy is in the Sea of Oman in the midst of a 10-day exercise in international waters near the strategic oil route through the Strait of Hormuz.  No wonder they are so brave.  The situation is like a boil ready to pop.  Right now just before New Year's Eve we are on a precipice; the brink of disaster.  If we back down we are giving into Iran in more than this one challenge, and it's not a rational country to deal with.   

Resource: Embassy of Israel paffairs!
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Nadene Goldfoot said...

"Sanctions against the central bank of Iran are now going to become U.S. law as early as this weekend," Sen. Mark Kirk (R., Ill.), who had helped lead a push to write the sanctions into law, told reporters.
As of 12/29/11 it hasn't been signed as yet.