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Friday, December 23, 2011

Kiss Peace Talks Goodbye: Fatah and Hamas are Uniting Again

Nadene Goldfoot
Fatah is the modern PLO, which had been run by Arafat.  Hamas was an outgrowth of that before 1987, and  had taken on the Muslim Brotherhood goals of never accepting Israel or Jews into the Middle East.  They are the extreme terrorists of the terrorists.  They had even driven Abbas out to Judaea and Samaria (West Bank). 

Thursday while in Cairo, Egypt, the two groups had a reconciliation where they announced plans for Hamas to join the umbrella group.  For twenty years Fatah has had on-and-off talks with Israel about possible peace.  Fatah has accomplished less terrorism than Hamas due to this leadership. 

The problem with this joint effort is that Hamas opposes peace talks vehemently  and rejects Israel's right to exist.  Actually, this is where the peace effort has been sitting anyway, since at least the year 2000.  There has been no hope with the raining of rockets, missiles and mortars coming into southern Israel all this time.  It's not a show of the intention of peaceful cohabitation.  What this actually means is that Hamas will be listened to more, as they will have a stronger voice in the group, which may also mean a stronger leadership.

According to this new agreement, Khaled Mashaal of Hamas will join a committee that will prepare for elections of the PLO's parliament in exile and will serve right along with Abbas.  As Fatah negotiator, Azzam al-Ahmed has said, this reconciliation has started but might take some time.  An election might be years away as the PLO group speaks for all Palestinians.  They intend to include so called Palestinians who live all over the world, including refugees in camps in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. 

Being there never was a state of Palestine, only the re-naming of the land that Jews had lived in, Arabs had come from all 4 corners of the Middle East to find work from the Jews who were re-building the land.  Therefore, I wonder if it isn't possible for any Arab to call themself a "Palestinian" if they have proof of living there before 1948 even for a few months. 

The goal of Hamas and Fatah is to gain a "Law of Return" for all Palestinians and thus drive all the Jews out. 
This is one of the points that Netanyahu has to be strong about not allowing to happen.  By going through with this uniting of terrorist factions, I see that there is no possible hope of ever coming to a peaceful accord between the terrorists and the Jews.  No wonder Israel has reacted with alarm to this agreement. 

Reference:  Oregonian 12/23/11 Rivals move toward reconciliation page A7.  AP

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