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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Israel's Delusional Anti-Semitic Neighbors: A Jewish Turkey?

Nadene Goldfoot
Syria swears that Turkey today is ruled by Jews!  Anyone that the Muslims don't agree with must be Jewish in their minds, evidently.  This is wild.It was said by the state-run "Tishreen" newspaper on Tuesday in their op-ed article. Turkey, 7th largest majority Muslim country with 73,722,988 Sunni/Shi'a,  with the most powerful military power besides Iran and Pakistan.  They have 514,850 active troops while Iran has 545,000 and Pakistan has 612,000.  .  The United States of America has as of 2010-1,430,895. 

Today the Oregonian newspaper ran an editorial by David Ignatius, "US-Turkey partnership plays key role in region," telling about the new friendship between Obama and Erdogan, Turkey's Prime Minister.  Even though Obama saw the Turks undermining our US policy and attack Israel in 2010 by trying to run a blockade with armed men on board, they have been able to make an alliance. 

Turkey used to be fairly friendly with Israel until the blockade incident, which brought out the fact that Islam has been playing a bigger part in their politics lately.  Erdogan has demanded that Israel apologize for trying to protect their own men when they boarded their ship and wound up killing a few of them in defense when attacked.  He knows they had to search for weapons as that's how terrorists can get them to use against Israel, but made a big show of it by demanding such outragousness that Netanyahu would not go along with.  Now Israel is more uneasy than ever with this White House, quotes Ignatius. 

Erdogan was once the closest ally of President Bashar Assad of Syria., but is now a foe-thus a Jew.  Erdogan has  agreed to deploy a forward-based radar system that is part of a NATO missile defense plan aimed at Iran.  Iran and Turkey share their border. 

One thing I see is that Erdogan and Obama are together in planning joint efforts against terrorist groups like the Kurdish PKK.  The Kurds, mostly Sunni Muslims who live in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria have been through so much suffering and really deserve their own state more than the Palestinians do in my mind.  I see that they have also been attacking Christian groups, though, which isn't okay.  Oh, how all the religions are getting into the act. 

Resource: Oregonian newspaper page C6 Editorials,  Obama and Erdogan-US-Turkey partnership plays key role in region.
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Nadene Goldfoot said...

Turkey is a VERY LARGE country with pockets separated by mountains.

It's got sophisticated, educated, prosperous populations and fearful, ignorant, impoverished populations.

It's a country potentially at war with itself.

It's almost India-and-Pakistan in my opinion.

Common enemies come in handy when leadership has such unwieldy regions to govern.
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