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Friday, December 2, 2011

Opinions of an Angry Jewish Grandmother: Wanting to Protect Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
I'm not a rabbi, only a teacher of secular studies, but have studied  about our religion of Judaism, and am in awe of the intelligence behind it and what it tries to do to shape our outlook on life.  It is so rational, so sensible, so fair.  It was able to reshape a wild group of people 4,000 years ago who had been slaves for 4oo years into the most tolerable of people who were even considerate of animals to the utmost levels of humanity.  That's one of the best parts, I think.  If we consider animals' feelings, do we not consider all people's?  Thanks to Moses with Ha-Shem's guidance, we've come a long way from the Early Bronze Age. 

Knowing what has been so taught for all these years, I have had the faith of our fathers to trust in the good of Israel, created on the ethics of Judaism.  How can our own people not trust that the knesset is doing their best job  and work diligently to preserve the lives of their own and their enemies.  It's gone from left to right, and now is the time for the man who is the bravest to do the best for Israel. The people have voted.  They know.  They live there; we don't.  It's their lives that are on the line.  It's their sons and daughters who are on the front lines, sometimes right along with them.  They see the future.  Why can't our Americans? 

I feel for all the people in Israel when Netanyahu has had to dismantle a town/s in Judea or Samaria.  I've known it was coming for some time.  The non-caring pressures from the world has forced the decision.  I just pray that the rest of Israel can be saved, for that is the ongoing battle.  With G-d's help, it will be the right thing for all of Israelis at this time.  I say this with sadness, as I wanted them to remain. 

To understand Israel's motives, Jews must understand their own religion and be proud of it.  I am appalled with some of our own rabbis who are not in tune with this.  That is my greatest disappointment. 

We have a  group in the USA who are supported by one of the world's richest but twisted men who work against AIPAC as a competitor.  They try to decide for Israel what to do whereas AIPAC supports the democratic decisions of Israel and bothers to understand the decisions and situation.  I feel that people who join up with this group are not educating themselves at all, but naively go along with the  popular mores  in their socio-economic class, led like a lamb to the slaughter, pretending to be so much more interested in being fair. They're being so fair that they're sacrificing their own people on the altar.   They side with the enemy who shoots at our people constantly.  If we don't speak up and care about ourselves, what are we?  I'm a lady who is terribly worried about the future of Israel when surrounded by people who don't give a hoot.  They just go on with their lives and football on TV and pretend that there are no problems in the world. 

With the grace of Ha Shem, we find people of the same mind in the Christians United For Israel or CUFI.  People of several Christian denominations have come together with the work of Pastor John Hagee to support Israel.  He has even written a book for his own flock, "In Defense of Israel."  They're combatting these ridiculous BDS movements causing people to think the worst about our only Jewish state by being non-supportive in boycotting stores with Israeli products.  There are battlefields of all sorts that Israel has to combat, and they're not all in the field.  There are even movements of Christians that are studying the Torah and finding the extraordinary meaning and teaching in it that we value.  They have a respect and awe of the Torah, which our ancestors have held for 4,000 years. 

If this life is a test to see how faithful we are to our covenant, I think we are winning, but it's a heavy test, for sure, very similar to Job's.    6,000,000 of us were either shot or burned alive and still we have a remnant  who care about our value to this planet.  At least I see the people in Israel combatting the thought to not follow the covenant we agreed to so long ago and just give up, but I think that many Jews of the USA need to shape up and learn about their history, past and present, ASAP, before it's too late. 

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