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Friday, October 12, 2012

Biden's Not Understanding Netanyahu's Diagram on the Red line

Nadene Goldfoot
Biden laughed and sneered and smirked  at Ryan's mentioning Iran's capabilities to develop their nuclear program in the VP debate last night.  His attitude was like an ostrich's head in the sand in addressing Netanyahu's bomb diagram with the red line at the 90% level and that they are very close to capabilities.

Martha Raddatz, seasoned war correspondent for ABC news and moderator of the VP debate last night, was quite serious when she brought the subject up.  Not Joe Biden.  He thought there wasn't a chance at all that the Iranians would have the containment (bomb shell) for any uranium they would manufacture, as if that is an impossibility for them to acquire. He said, "They don't have a weapon to put it into."   I was horrified at his lack of facts.  That's a bunch of malarky.  It's  the least of Iran's problems.  However, his style of debate seemed to be to say it loud enough with enough conviction and confuse your opposition.  It seemed to work in several occasions.  Both were bantering about their own take of the truth at times.  A German defence figure just said, "Iran may be significantly further ahead in its nuclear weapons program than public intelligence assessments have so far suggested."

Neil Cavuto, newsman on Fox News just interviewed Wayne Simmons, former CIA Operative and fiction writer of his new book, Natanz Directive that he wrote with Mark Graham, this morning.  Wayne was consultant to the White House with Bush.  He agreed with me in that the containment was the easy part. I personally don't think Netanyahu would be so nervous about it all if that were the case, either.    Incidently, this book is a spy thriller about a CIA operative, Iran, and nuclear activities.  Now I want to read it.

Biden is so sure that the USA will be notified in plenty of time when Iran is at a dangerous level with a bomb created.  Netanyahu was talking about stopping their production before it ever gets so far.  I don't know why Biden is so sure when the USA wasn't even notified about terrorists in Libya that killed our ambassador and Seals.  Oh sure, Biden.  Nothing ever goes wrong on your watch.

As a former judge for high school debaters in a debate class, I was totally shocked and disgusted with Biden's continual sneering and laughing (which some Democrats call a show of teeth) at everything Paul Ryan said.  Never have I ever seen young men act like that in a real debate situation.  They would have been disqualified.  It was most disrespectful and rude. As a voter, I wanted to slap him.  That was my reaction. He rolled his eyes if he wasn't sneering.    Then, I didn't approve of the fireside chat setup sitting around a round table, either.  I think it takes the seriousness away, at least it did for one.  Facts and lies spoken paled in response to the smug attitude Biden revealed.  Arrogance reeked.  On the other hand, I thought Ryan was too taken back at debating an old time senator old enough to be his father that made it to be the VP and was too respectful, considering.

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