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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Syria's Mortars Hit Turkey Causing Immediate Reaction from NATO

Nadene Goldfoot
Israel has been hit by about 10,000 mortars, missiles and rockets since 2001 daily.  By January 2009 they had been shelled by 8,600 causing 28 death and hundreds of injuries  and it hasn't created a reaction from anyone except the Israelis, but let Syria hit Turkey with 5 mortars Wednesday and NATO was  right on it.  The Turkish government's armed forces fired back with artillery fire.  By using radar, they saw where they were coming from.  4 bombs tore through a district that the government held in Syria and killed more then 30 people.  The building is now rubble.

Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, said the US was "outraged that the Syrians have been shooting across the border."  I hope someone has been outraged when southern Israel has been hit every day.  I never hear about it.  The only thing we know is the Israel has had to have bomb shelters at every school because once an incoming rocket is known about, the civilian population has 30 seconds to get to shelter.

In fact, the United States has warned Israel not to react.  By December 27, 2008 Israel had had it and reacted with Operation Cast Lead after 8 years of continual shelling which led to the slanted and lying Goldstone Report, putting Israel in more of a headache.  Later Goldstone of South Africa double checked and found he had been misinformed and said so, but our enemies refuse to listen and keep pointing to the original incorrect report.

So here we are with the Palestinians still determined to drive Israel into the sea by daily bombings.  Turkey is telling NATO to go into Syria with them, but Israel had to do it alone.  Turkey wants a safe zone.  Unfortunately, Israel is so small that it's city of Sderot is very close to the Gaza border and has been hit constantly, taking the brunt of much of the attacks.

Now Turkey raises the question with "There must certainly be a response in international law.  Why didn't they ever raise this question when Israel was bombarded starting in 2001?  I don't think anyone did.  The rebels of Syria have been busy blasting their own country with reprisals from the goverment that are blasting the country to smithereens.  Historical areas are being hit as well.  It's all stemming from a government run by one man who is not democratically minded and wants to run the show.  One never knows if the next person will be better for the whole area's peace or horrid.


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