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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How Israel Fared Through Foreign Affairs Debate

Nadene Goldfoot
Mitt Romney stated that if Israel is attacked and he is president, we have their back.  Obama said that he would stand with Israel if Israel is attacked.

Both of these brilliant men come from completely different backgrounds but are both Harvard educated.  .  Romney was a governor of Massachusetts while President Obama was a community organizer  and Illinois Senator.

Only in America would two such diverse men be running not only for president but against each other.  Romney is an active Mormon, having been a Bishop in his church who lived in France while doing his 2 year mission. His church has a book called "The Book to the Jews" which I have read.  Yes, they do try to convert Jews, but not overtly so.    They also have a lovely park in Israel.  Obama attended Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 some years  that was actively against Jews but since being President has stopped attending there.  Deborah Wasserman, Jewish from Florida thinks that Obama has done a great deal more for Israel than other past presidents.  I might add that our Congress has been behind Israel and is very supportive.  That also must have a great deal to do with support for Israel.

Willard Mitt Romney was born March 12, 1947 in Michigan. He had a father who had been in politics.   He is a self made millionaire worth  an estimated  $190-250 million dollars. He attended Stanford in 65-66 and then Brigham Young (BYU).   He holds a Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration; a 4 year program between Harvard U Law and Business School and graduated at the top 5% of the business school.  In other words, he is a lawyer knowing all about business needs.  He served as governor of Massachusetts from 2002 to 2006.  He was head of the Winter Olympics from 1999.  The Olympics was held in 2002.  He did an outstanding job and is very proud of this achievement.

Barack Hussein Obama was born August 4, 1961 in Hawaii, so he's 14 years younger than Mitt.  His parents met in a Russian language class there.  His father was the first African foreign student to attend the university.  His mother was from Kansas and the family had moved to Hawaii.  Their marriage broke up quickly and his mother remarried an Indonesian student which resulted in their moving to Indonesia.  Obama attended school in Jakarta from the1st through 3rd grades in a Catholic school while the 4th grade of 1970-71 was spent in a public school.  He graduated from Columbia U.  Then he also attended Harvard and received an AB in political science which was his major and minored in international relations for four years.  He attended Harvard Law School and received a JD and graduated magna cum laude.  He was also President of the Harvard Law Review.  He became a Chicago community organizer in 1985 when hired by Jerry Kellerman though he had no experience with it. He later  became a senator from January 4, 2005 to November 16, 2008 when elected as president.  His keynote address speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention had electrified the audience.

This 3rd debate lasted for about 90 minutes.  Obama started off attacking strongly. "I know you haven't been in a position to actually execute foreign policy, but every time you've offered an opinion, you've been wrong." he flung at Romney.  Obama pushes that he's the leader who ends wars, not the guy who starts new ones.  Yet he chided Romney over Afghanistan and getting Osama bin Laden.  Obama brought up the statement of Romney who said that it wasn't worth moving heaven and earth to catch one man and that we should have asked Pakistan for permission.  Romney had said that "we can't kill our way out of this mess. and that we must have a comprehensive and robust strategy."  Obama said that "if we had asked Pakistan for permission, we would not have gotten him, and it was worth moving heaven and earth to get him".   I note in the paper today that we have lost 2,012 men since 2001 in the war there.  3,000 people were killed when we were attacked September 11, 2001 when the Twin Towers fell in New York.  We also lost lots of firemen who were trying to save people there.  President Bush was shook.  So were all the people of the United States.

Both men want to help Syria get rid of Assad but don't want to get involved militarily.  Romney mentioned he would arm Assad's opponents.  I would only arm them with sling shots.  Really.  Chances are the arms would later be used against Israel.  The Muslim Brotherhood is actively courting the rebels as well, which I've already written about.  They have organized and meet in Turkey.  Romney didn't seem to be aware of this.  Obama only had a slight degree of knowledge about it.

You know that you and your neighbor both agree that your sofa is not in the right spot to view the TV set, but you each have different opinions as to where to place the sofa, like if it should be against the left or the right wall.  That's the way this debate was.  Romney agreed with much of what has been going on in foreign relations but would have done it a little differently or sooner.  When he did attack Obama, he threw him a zinger that should have stung, like him visiting the Arab states in one grand tour but skipping Israel which was really like a slap in the face to Israel and a ha ha-he doesn't like Israel to the Arabs.

Obama came on very strong again when Romney said that while a governor, high school students who graduated at the top quarter got a 4 year tuition free scholarship at any public institution of higher learning (state college)  in Massachusetts.  Obama loudly proclaimed in Romney's face that it happened before he had come into office.  Romney was very calm, stating that it was actually him.  "Actually, Mr. President.  You got that fact wrong."  Obama blustered loudly again and the discussion went on to another subject, but Romney was right.  The John and Abigail Adams scholarship program began in 2004 when he was governor!

So now we have to vote by November 6th.  Who is the best for the United States?  What are the main problems we are facing?  Economic problems seem to be the main focus from what I've heard.  2nd are health and last are foreign relations.  From what was said after the debate, people feel that if we had a more stable and secure economy, we could better handle world affairs.  Get you flu shots and stay warm and dry. Eat your veggies and fruit, but buy organic apples if you don't want to ingest pesticides.  I'm voting for Romney!

Resource:  Oregonian newspaper 10/23/12 page A4

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