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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Palestine Arab Lawyers' Values Not Like Israeli Values

Nadene Goldfoot
The Palestine Committee of Arab Lawyers Union is honoring a mass killer.  That's their idea of a good deed.  They probably hope this will be a deed attained by others as they awarded this person with the "Martyr Hanadi Jaradat plaque of honor which was presented to the Jaradat's family.

A very misguided 29 year old  female lawyer, Hanadi Jaradat decided to be a suicide terrorist and connected herself with the Islamic Jihad people and went to Maxim,  a restaurant in Haifa in 2003. Maxims was jointly owned by Jews and Arabs.  She blew herself up in the middle of the restaurant.   The Arabs call this day "the sweet anniversary of her Martyrdom."  3 children plus a baby girl were blown up with everyone plus 3 Arab Israeli security men.

Now, men in this culture who kill themselves if in the act of killing their enemy are to be rewarded in heaven with 72 virgins according to Islamic beliefs.  I wonder what reward Hanadi was promised?  72 male virgins?  Who wants a male virgin, anyway, plus 71 others to deal with.  Good grief!  The least they could do is promise her 72 great lovers!

This is so sick to me to honor a mass murderess.  In her horrific act she managed to kill 21 unsuspecting Israelis and injured 60 others.  I ate in so many restaurants in Haifa from 1980-1985, and many were Arab restaurants.  Suicide bombers were not as plentiful then, I don't think.

To have the lawyers honor her shows what type of morality they are following, something that is completely contrary to our system and belief in the 10 Commandments.  In 2005 she was honored by the PA Ministry of Culture who produced a poetry collection named "What did Hanadi say," and this was given to the newspaper Al-Ayyan to be distributed to people.  The ending of a poem is: "Oh Hanadi!  shake the earth under the feet of the enemies!  Blow it up!  Hanadi said: "This is my wedding."  It's Hanadi's wedding, the day when death as a Martyr for Allah becomes the highest goal, that redeems my land."  (Al-Ayyam, Aug. 22, 2005)

Fifteen countries connected to the Arab Lawyers Union (ALU) which is an NGO are: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Mauritania, Morocco, (Palestine-not a country- but they list it as one of them) Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia and Yemen.

They have a mission.  One is to struggle against Zionism and its greed as a form of racism.  Are you ready to run out and hire one of these lawyers?   No wonder Israel is given such a hard time from the UN.   I have argued for hours on this one line alone.  Zionism is the right of Israel's existence and as you see, these Arab lawyers don't believe in that at all.  Racism?  Jews come in every color under the sun; white, black, beige, yellow, red, you name it, from every country.  How can we be racist?  Moses was not racist.  The rest is just lying trying to defend their anger at Israel having become a state-legally. Greed?  Islam has more than 48 Muslim majority countries in the world and Israel is our one and only Jewish country no bigger than a matchbox.  And they proudly proclaim that they want all of Israel. They are not just talking about Gaza, which Israel left for them, but Judea-Samaria (West Bank) , all of Jerusalem and now-all of Israel, oh yes, their latest proclamation is everyone as of the 1967 lines as well.   Who is the greedy one?

How do we know all this?  In Israel, street signs are in 3 languages, Hebrew, Arabic and English. Israeli  Schools teach not only Hebrew and English but Arabic, too, and even French.  There are lots of people who are bilinqual and trilingual.  My teacher in Haifa, Mr. Kohavi, spoke 16 languages.  Arabic speakers would sit with Hebrew speakers and they would help each other with their homework in the Safed Jr high I taught in.  1.4 million Arabs are citizens of Israel.  They like their country of Israel.  by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik; Suicide terrorist who killed 21 receives "highest honor" from Palestine Committee of Arab Lawyers Union...Union is observer at UNESCO, in consultative status with ECOSOC  I am shocked to see today's copy includes Palestine as a country.  When I printed off on 12/8/2011, it was not.  They include it as the 49th.  It is not a country as of today and should not be accepted as any type of statehood in the upcoming UN meeting.  .

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