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Monday, October 22, 2012

Iran's Move to Underground Fordo Completed

Nadene Goldfoot
Last Tuesday, Iran finished their move to their underground quarters of the  Fordo site near Qom in order to continue working on their nuclear capabilities.

Tonight Obama and the Republican former governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney will have their last debate which will cover foreign policy.  We as Jews have to decide which man we will vote for on November 6th..

Obama pledges not to let Iran get a nuclear weapon.  This means he will not let Iran build an A bomb.
Romney promises to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear capability.  This means to get the capacity for building one.  US intelligence thinks this will happen within 6 months.

In the meantime, Iran's timetable seems to be set at a faster rate than expected.  Its enrichment plants can turn out more 20% enriched uranium at a greater speed than ever and will reach Iran's one-ton target soon.

Debkafile reports that Tehran installed the last 4 clusters of centrifuges in the Fordo chamber before European Union foreign ministers approved the sanctions in Brussels on October 15th.

PM Netanyahu in Jerusalem thanked the EU for the new sanctions the next day on the 16th.  He mentioned that when the centrifuges stop spinning, we'll know that are achieving their goal.

Many of us laughingly or seriously await what might happen on December 21st when the Mayan Calendar runs out.  All sorts of speculations have appeared about it from being the end of the world to planets lining up in a straight row to nothing.  I'm going to throw in something else.  Iran is changing the Fordo centrifuges and adapting them for refining uranium to the 60k% level.  They only need to arrive at 90% for weapons grade material.  This conversion is expected to be ready from mid  December or early January 2013.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has called Prime Minister Netanyahu and has asked him not to attack Iran's nuclear facilities but give more time for the sanctions to have worked. Does he realize that Netanyahu's red line was crossed this week already?  The EU, which Britain is a part of, does not question Iran's right to have nuclear power for peaceful purposes.  They haven't been threatened like Israel has.

British writer, David Patrikarakos, who is writing a book about Iran, feels that having uranium power is a symbol of modernity, a status symbol to Iran and that they will not accept any limitation on developing nuclear power.  He wrote that Israel and the West must accept this or the crisis cannot be resolved. "The regime seems to be doing everything it can to bring Israel's wrath down on itself.. Last Friday, in a speech at the Tehran commemoration of Al-Quds Day (an annual event held on the last Friday of Ramadan, calling for the "liberation" of Jerusalem ), the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, once more promised that the "Zionist regime" would be annihilated."  He stirs everyone up, including Israel, just taunting for a strike. What they're doing is getting the Iranians to be fired up against Israel instead of their own sordid situation.

So Tehran is going forward knowing that there are those who give advice for more time; just what they need.  There are those that already have such power or bombs, but none hates Israel quite so much as Iran, and it is their hatred that spreads out like an unwanted virus to all their comrades.    What's so amazing is that Iran is not even a neighbor nor has it any problem with land ownership of their own.

Resource: Debkafile

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Jeff Morton said...

What Calamity is mankind leaping towards...The insanity always seems to follow the Jewish people.......and attempt to kill all of them?

My gosh, why cannot the world see what is coming?