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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Missile Attacks on Israeli Aircrafts

Nadene Goldfoot
A year ago, terrorists in the Sinai fired a missile in an attack on Highway 12, right next to the Egyptian-Sinai border.  Six people were killed.  The missile was aimed at an Israeli helicopter from inside Egypt and missed.

A week ago on Friday, terrorists in Gaza fired the same kind of missile that was smuggled from Libya at an Israeli aircraft but also missed.  The Yidiot Aharonot reported this first.  This missile was Russian made Strela-2 missile. This can be fired from one's shoulder and has infrared homing guidance.   About 1,000 of these were in the Libyan army arsenal, and many are now in the hands of Gazan and Sinai terrorists.

The military know that Hamas and other terrorists have collected many anti-aircraft missiles but hadn't used them as that would cause the IDF to retaliate.

This brazen attack can be seen as a sign that Hamas is escalating their violence with Israel.  With the sophistication this type of missile includes, it's a miracle that we haven't been hit.

Resource: Gaza Terrorists Fired Missile at Israeli aircraft" Last Week

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