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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Taliban Shoots Girl in Head For Wanting Education

Nadene Goldfoot
The Taliban in Pakistan is against girls getting an education.  Their terror organization may be the cause of Afghanistan's illiteracy rate to be 72% and Pakistan's to be 50%.  Girls are not to be educated according to them in secular schools.  So the result is that girls are not getting much of an education at all. Israel's illiteracy rate is 3% in comparison.

Malala Yousafzai, 14 years old,  was shot in the head and neck on purpose in NW Pakistan's Swat Valley on Tuesday. A few other girls were also injured.  Her father had run one of the last schools to defy Taliban orders to end female education.  In 2009 she documented her determination to continue school. When only 11 years old, she wrote an anonymous blog documenting her experiences for the British Broadcasting Corp.  She was on TV and became the voice for the rights of children in the area.

 She was in Mingora on a bus full of schoolgirls who had just taken an exam.  This young lady had won a national peace prize last year.   To the Taliban she had become a symbol of Western culture.  They saw her behavior as obscene.  They say they will try to assassinate her again.

Girls' education in Pakistan is something banning people against the Taliban who are against it.  Militants have shut down schools in recent years to be defiant.  "Come on, brothers, be REAL MEN, Kill a school girl." Nadeem F. Paracha said through twitter.

It's backfiring.  The Pakistanis are outraged with the Taliban's actions.  She's now an icon of courage and hope.  Private schools were closed to protest against the Taliban's actions.  Everyone in Pakistan is condemning the Taliban's action.  The Taliban retorted with "We are dead against co-education and secular education."  They are so uncivilized that this is how they decide matters; shoot the child who spoke for it in the head!  Every other culture and country have discussed these very matters about education and come to conclusions they can live with.  They ended with "Whom so ever will do the same in the future as Malala will again be targeted by the Pakistani Taliban."

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