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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Syria's Explosive Border Draws USA Military to Assist Jordan

Nadene Goldfoot
The USA sent military troops to the Jordan-Syria border just in case, Leon Panetta just announced a few hours ago.  He was speaking at a NATO conference in Brussels.  He said that the US has been working with Jordan in watching for chemical and biological weapons sites in Syria and help out with dealing with Syrian refugees that are coming over the border.  The USA has provided medical kits, water tnks and other humanitarian aid to help Jordanians help out Syrian refugees that came into Jordan.

Syria had threatened to hit Tel Aviv if there was any intervention, especially involving NATO.  For the past 5 days Turkey's border towns have been hit by Syrian mortars.  Was this the result of nudging by Romney who accused Obama of been too passive?  The policy so far has been providing only non-lethal aid to rebels who want to topple Assad.  Israel and Panetta have been concerned about Assad's stash of chemical weapons.  The word is that Syria has been seen moving some chemical weapons recently.

Syria's population before the uprising against Abbas was 22,505,000.  200,000 Syrian refugees have come into Jordan and the country has meager resources.  About 25 have already rioted in Zaatari earlier this month and destroyed tents and medicine with the result that many families were left without shelter and the nights are now cold.  Whatever where they rioting about to do such a nasty thing, I'm wondering.  Do they have to be policed as well?  With that many people together in tents, I guess Jordan does need help.

Some Jordanians have hooked up with those across their border to join about 2,000 foreigners fighting with the Syrian rebels.  So far they've wounded a Jordanian border guard.

Turkey reinforced its border with artillery guns and have more fighter jets.  NATO said it stood ready to defend Turkey if necessary.

Israel has maintained peace with Syria for the past 40 years but it has been a simmering peace.  The news that "Syran-Kurdish activist Abdelbasset Sida is to head the main opposition group in exile, the Syrian National Council, now presents Jerusalem with an opportunity to express tacit support for a possible successor to Mr. Assad."


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