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Friday, December 28, 2012

Abbas-Stumbling Block to Peace Talks

Nadene Goldfoot
Arafat, the leader of Fatah terrorists, died and Mahmoud Abbas took over as Chairman of the Palestinian Authority..  Born ion March 26, 1935, he must be getting tired,as this PA leader's office expired in early 2009.  He will not hold new elections, saying that PA residents should vote for a new leader only after Hamas-led Gaza reunites with the Fatah leadership in Judea and Samaria.  That will be sooner than he thinks as Hamas is plotting a takeover and wants to oust Abbas once again, as they did when they ran him out of Gaza.

Abbas demands the impossible, while refusing  to discuss any peace plans with Netanyahu.  Instead he runs to confer with Hamas and countries supplying Gaza with arms. He demands conditions agreed to first before he sits down to talk.
1.  He demands a construction freeze including a ban on natural growth in Israeli towns previously assumed to be Israeli under a diplomatic agreement.  
2. He also requires that Israel free PA resident terrorists
3. Allow the PA to arm the police force more heavily
4. Agree in principle to his major territorial demands.  (He has wanted Israel to go back to 1967 lines.)
5. Abbas demands a complete building freeze east of the 1949 armistice line.

                    At the Same Time

1. Continue refusing to recognize Israel as a Jewish state
2 Belief in terrorism against Israel.
3.  He supports the "right of return" for millions of people descended from Arabs and more to Israel.

You don't have to be the wise King Solomon to see that these demands and unchangeable positions spell death for Israel, and that parties need to sit down and work out a peaceable solution.  Netanyahu has pleaded with Abbas, even at the UN in front of all the participants and TV cameras, but Abbas was unmovable.  Abbas has threatened to quit if negotiations do not resume with pre-conditions met first.  Now Lieberman said he anxiously awaits the official announcement from the Muqata regarding his retirement.  "There are many alternatives among the Palestinians with whom Israel can hold a diplomatic dialog."  Lieberman feels that it's Abbas remaining as the leader that will ultimately bring Hamas and other radicals to Judea and Samaria.

Avigdor Lieberman, ex foreign Minister of Israel said that Israel can't wait for Abbas to quit. Tens of thousands of Palestinian civil servants and security forces rely on the Palestinian Authority for their livelihood, and the Palestinian Authority is the keystone of a series of partial peace accords with Israel that benefit the Palestinian economy and influence other aspects of life. Abbas has threatened to disband the PA and place the area in Israel's hands.  Many believe this is just a threat.  

Hamas and Fatah have major differences, but have been holding rallies in each other's domains recently.  Still, it could only be Abbas's dream that they will get close to their political differences.  

Resource: Arutz Sheva

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