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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

EU Finally Condemns Hamas Rhetoric

Nadene Goldfoot
The Oregonian newspaper has an article, EU rips Israel on settlements along with one above it:  EU receives Peace Prize, plea for economic unity.  I pondered when they had ever bothered to say a positive thing about Israel and have never said anything in regards to the Palestinians doing the wrong thing by not recognizing Israel and threatening to drive Israel into the sea, destroy Israel, and so on.

I googled information and evidently Netanyahu's accusation about the international community of "deafening silence" got to somebody because I found in the Internet from 20 hours ago that the EU, with a bloc of 27 foreign ministers,  is now, finally, condemning Hamas's rhetoric and said that it was unacceptable that they deny Israel's right to exist.

They are still harping on the E1 corridor plans that Israel has been holding in abeyance since about 1994 of developing that with housing.  They think that if this comes about, would seriously undermine the prospects of a negotiated resolution.   Probably none of the 27 have visited Israel in person or looked at a map, for they'd have to have a large map of Israel and not a world map as you can hardly see the teeny country hugging the coast with a width from 4 miles to 9 miles.

I think the 27 foreign ministers can rest easy because as long as the Palestinians take the stance they have, which is not looking good to me right now with Fatah and Hamas in collusion, it will be a long time before they are ready to accept Israel.  Thus, there is no reason for Israel to wait for any peace talks and let this prime real-estate go to waste.  At any rate, it serves the Palestinians right to not have made peace.  The longer they wait each day they should lose any thought of gaining land.  I don't know what kind of international lawyers they have, but 3 prominent ones have stated that Israel has the right to build.  The Israeli government has stated over and over that "facts and history both prove that Jewish settlement never constituted an obstacle to peace.  The EU's focus on this issue is mistaken".

However, the EU warned Israel of unspecified consequences if it goes through with plans to build thousands of new homes in Jerusalem and in Judea and Samaria.  They're also deeply dismayed by Israeli plans to expand settlements in east Jerusalem."  Oh really.  It's only Israel's capital and had been during King David's reign and his son's reign and so on down to 70 CE when the Romans attacked in their greed to build a bigger empire.  Now Israel should hold it for the Palestinians who want to destroy them?  The Europeans do have weird logic.  That's not even logic like the Duke (John Wayne) would use.  Can you picture him saying oh sure, we were attacked by 8 countries and won, and sure, we won't touch the land you lost to us by attacking, but you can have it anytime you want cause we sure don't want what was ours, once upon a time, even though you hate us and say you'll never let us live in peace.

 Like Netanyahu said, the EU has double standards.  Why so harsh always against Israel and not on all the other countries in the Middle East?  For starters, Britain, who held the mandate, reneged on the deal with Chaim Weizmann on the Jewish Homeland by giving away 80% of the planned land to an Arab Sheiks' middle son.  They all wanted land and had helped in the war in WWI fight against the Ottoman Empire.  Weizmann was a chemist who invented something that made the British ammunition much better.  In fact, it's most likely they would have lost had it not been for Weizmann's invention.  That's the only reason they were going to reward him with land that he and his committee had been hoping to attain.  This is when Israel accepted the 20% and the Palestinians refused their huge piece.

Germany was one of the Axis, the main one, in fact.  They had become much more sympathetic or dutiful after the WWII towards Israel but since they are now head of the finances of the EU, are going along with the criticism of Israel.  With 26 others on the bandwagon to find fault without studying the map or talking to Netanyahu, they are not sticking out as before.

France caves in quickly no matter what.  They once were for liberty and freedom, but that was another day.  Italy?  That's a country that never has been one to back Israel.  The Pope has a lot to do with that.

Also, there's the little fact that these European countries now have sizable Muslim populations and are probably sensitive to political votes from them.  It's almost becoming like Israel trying to get sympathy from the Muslim countries.  They are trying to be so proper but are backing the real bullies in the world.  They see Israel with great weapons to fight against this terror and that's all they see.  Then again, these Muslim countries are still the only ones with so much oil that they all need.  It's probably killing them to deal with Iran like the USA is doing such as having sanctions.

Iran happens to be the big backer of terrorism and supplies the Palestinians with weapons.  Now Qatar's Emir himself has visited Gaza with a huge check, and Qatar is everyone's friend including the USA.  In the meantime, Abbas is out of money and is asking all his Muslim country friends to supply him with more as he would like to pay salaries.

Through it all, Israel stands quite alone, except for the USA.  My advice to the EU is to look at a map and see that their fears are definitely mistaken.  Whenever Palestine is created, they will not be cut off.  My question that they haven't considered is that the Palestine planned is to be free of Jews, for the Muslims are all for apartheid.  How is Israel to get to their Holy places?  Israel will be cut off!'

Update: 12/11/12; 2:34pm correction on agreeing with Netanyahu; land not cut off.

Oregonian newspaper page A7, EU rips Israel on settlements and Netanyahu speaks out, AP

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