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Friday, February 15, 2013

Spring Summit Meeting With Obama, Netanyahu, King Abdullah II

Nadene Goldfoot
First, the word was out that there wasn't going to be any talk about Palestine and peace when Obama made his first visit to Israel as the USA President.  There was speculation, though, as to what he would do and who he would visit.  According to Danny Ayalon, the former Deputy Foreign Minister in Israel,  Obama is planning a summit meeting with Netanyahu and King Abdullah II of Jordan.  It's not for sure if PA leader Mahmoud Abbas is invited or not at this time.  This was reported back on December 27, 2012.

It's a USA-Israeli-Jordanian plan to pass up the core issues of the Israel-Palestine dispute by "establishing a self-ruling Palestinian entity " inside the framework of a confederation with Jordan.  So far, Abbas and his group have no money in which to pay anyone.  The question is for me that they have been demanding a state but where are their plans to be economically self sufficient? They are in "extreme jeopardy."  In fact, Abbas at one point threatened Netanyahu with handing over the problem to him.

In June 1967 (Six Day War) Israel was attacked by all the surrounding states both near and far but won and took over the West Bank (Judea and Samaria).  The culminating event for Israel was the capture of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Jordan is made up of many Palestinians as it is.  They had their war called Black September which started in September 1970 and lasted till July 1971 led by Yasser Arafat of Fatah.  The Palestinians had attempted to assassinate King Hussein on September 1st.  Thousands of Palestinian fighters moved onto Lebanon afterwards.  Thousands had died in the fighting.  The Palestinians had outnumbered Jordanians.  "King Hussein feared an independent West Bank under PLO administration would threaten the autonomy of his Hashemite kingdom."

For a long time many have felt that Jordan is Palestine.  "These ideas took more specific form in July 1989, when Shamir raised the possibility of a Palestinian state being established in Jordan in the course of his discussions with Arab residents of the West Bank."  Here are the steps that were discussed then.
  • "The land of Israel east of the Jordan River shall be the Palestinian state.
  • In the first stage, the Palestinian state shall be established east of the Jordan River. This state shall enjoy all the characteristics of sovereignty.
  • In the second stage (after the establishment of the Palestinian state east of the Jordan River) those areas of the land of Israel in the West Bank under Israel's control and areas inside the green line [delimiting pre-1967 Israel] inhabited by Palestinians shall become part of the Palestinian state.
  • The West Bank and Gaza shall not be handed over to or placed under the sovereignty of the Palestinian state except after peace with this state prevails and is manifested in mutual economic, tourist, and cultural relations, and through cooperation in establishing economic and water projects, in addition to allowing free movement of people and goods." from Daniel Pipes.  
Notice that Gaza had been included in the above, but as soon as Israel left, the attacks on her started.  

In the summit meeting they will have to address these same points.  A lot depends on the attitude of Abbas and if he will recognize Israel, something he has refused to do.  Or is this one of the core issues that will be passed up at this time?  If so, let's not allow another Gaza situation where they will be able to attack Israel.  

Resource: DebkaFile Newsleetter,  Is Jordan Palestine?  Listing of countries that attacked.

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