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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Turkey's Erdogan Speaks Against Israel in UN

Nadene Goldfoot
A former passing friend, Turkey, is following the Muslim Brotherhood doctrine of hate for Israel.  The Turkish Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdogan,  just spoke at the UN saying that Zionism is a crime against humanity.  Up to the time Turkey had a boat try to land in Gaza as part of an invading fleet and Israel had to board it with shooting ensuing, any  friendship existing then has ended.  The former ruler of Israel's land had been the Ottoman Empire, which was Turkey.  They're still carrying over sour grapes from 1917, perhaps, when they lost WWI.

How things have changed!  In 1975, Kofi Annon presided over the Zionism is racism resolution that said this was an expression of anti-Semitism, and he had hailed its repeal.  So here we have the UN chief Ban Ki-moon, present on the stage, staying silent.  He did not speak out and condemn the speech.  The most disgusting thing about it is that this was said at the UN Summit for Tolerance.

Erdogan used the podium to incite hatred, and he used Ahmadinejad's style of declaration to spew his affirmation of being a good Muslim following the party line.  It  certainly is showing that Turkey will not become a friend of Israel again.

UN Watch urged Archbishop Desmond Tutu (not favorable towards Israel that I have seen), Rabbi Arthur Schneier and Professor John Esposito to denounce these remarks which contradict the very purpose of this forum which is dedicated to mutual tolerance.  Erdogan just made a mockery of it.

Erdogen is also speaking out against Islamophobia.  It's all right for him to denounce Zionism and fascism, but he thinks that people who are wary of Muslims today are committing a crime against humanity.  He's against politicians who have communication tools, probably meaning a good handle on the English language, TV, radio and cell phones to spread the news about  events in the world.  He doesn't get it at all, evidently, that he is committing the biggest crime of all, and the rest of the UN members are in such a  rapturous  state that they are not fighting against it.

A report showed that Jews and Armenians are exposed to more hate speech than others in Turkey's newspapers.  The researches found 39 instances of hate speech against Jews in Turkish newspapers during that period, which accounted for 25 percent of the total of hateful articles found.

What is the goal of Islam?  I was just presented with this bit of information.  "1.7 billion Muslims. By 2030 which will be increased into 2.2 billion, in-sha-Allah. Then the global population is set to reach over 8 billion and 26.4% of that population will be Muslim. At the very least, they are planning on a population explosion. of Muslims."  There doesn't seem to be any room for the world's 0.02% Jewish population, and certainly they plan on taking over Israel's little bit of land.

Update:  12:07 pm  US Secretary of State Kerry to Condemn Erdogan's Anti-Semitic Slur in Turkey Meeting Tomorrow

Resource: UN Watch"

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Nadene Goldfoot said...

Good news: Although they stayed until UN Watch exposed, and called on the world to denounce, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s repugnant speech calling Zionism a “crime against humanity” -- at a UN forum supposedly dedicated to tolerance -- today both the United Nations and the United States strongly condemned him:

• UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Erdogan’s “hurtful and divisive comments” were “not only wrong" but “contradict the very principles on which the Alliance of Civilizations is based.”

• U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, now visiting Turkey, condemned the speech at a joint news conference with Foreign Minister Davutoglu, saying, “We not only disagree with it. We found it objectionable.”

• A senior State Department official added that the pattern of Turkish denunciations of Israel was having a “corrosive effect” on American-Turkish relations. “This was particularly offensive, frankly, to call Zionism a crime against humanity,” the official said. A White House spokesman said Erodgan’s remark was “offensive and wrong.”

None of this happened until UN Watch -- in the early morning hours yesterday -- first exposed Erdogan’s offensive UN speech; produced a video of the remarks and uploaded it to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter; circulated the information to our carefully-developed global network of media correspondents; and organized a massive online petition sending emails demanding action by Ban Ki-moon and Secretary Kerry.

Thanks to UN Watch, the story went viral.

Thanks to U.N. Watch pressure, Turkey’s extremist leader -- winner of the 2010 Moammar Qaddafi Human Rights Prize -- is for the first time on the defensive.