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Sunday, March 3, 2013

More Holocaust Documentation Revealed

Nadene Goldfoot
German citizens, though denying knowledge of widespread existence of Nazi camps during WWII, could not  have gone anywhere in Germany without running into forced labor camps, POW camps, concentration camps.  They actually were everywhere.

We all have been aware of Auschwitz and a few other such camps that were used as the Nazi killing machines of 6 million Jews.  Poland's Warsaw Ghetto in 1943 is well known for the Jewish uprising that finally slaughtered them all.  It turns out that these sites were but a minuscule fraction of the entire German network.

It's taken the past 13 years to document all this evidence through the Holocaust Memorial Museum.  It's been documenting all the 42,500  ghettos, slave labor site, concentration camps and killing factories that the Nazis set up.  They were throughout Europe.  Germans were in control from France to Russia and Germany itself from 1933 to 1945.

In forced labor camps prisoners had to make war supplies.  Prisoner-of -war camps called "care" centers held pregnant women forced into abortions or see their babies killed when born.  They congruently became brothels for German military personnel.

Large sections of Germany and Poland became "black clusters of death, torture and slavery."15 to 20 million died in these unidentified sites.  Where we thought Nazi actions couldn't have been worse, we now know they were more than despicable.

All this time Amadinejad of Iran has been denying that the Holocaust ever happened.  Note that the Ottoman Empire was on the side of Germany in WWI and evidently also in WWII as books popular with Nazis such as Mein Kampf and 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion'. are still popular with people like him.   "There was a well-documented, thriving relationship between the Arab/Muslim world and Nazi Germany, with perhaps the most significant figure linking Hitler to the Middle East being none other than the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem,  Haj Amin el-Husseini."

We have reminders of this connection.  Remember 1972?  "September 1972, Five Arab terrorists wearing track sweat suits climbed the 6-foot fence surrounding the Munich Olympics. A total of 11 Israeli athletes were murdered.  Neo-nazism perpetuates hatred for Jews.  It's something we have to be vigilant about.  

Those people who were in denial about what was going on during WWII are now dead.  We can't reprimand them about their history.  Why were they denying that such atrocities were going on when they could probably smell the smoke from the ovens or hear the cries?  Like the ostrich, if you keep you head in the sand you don't know what's happening.  They most likely felt they could not change matters and were afraid for themselves as well.  Unfortunately, they took no steps to stop such horror.  No one was brave enough or had leadership skills to do so, except a handful of people that tried and failed.   What's frightening is that the general population  failed to question such behavior.  The prevailing conditioned behavior was to follow orders and not to question authority.  
Oregonian newspaper 3/3/13  Holocaust data shocks experts page A6 by Eric Lichtblau NY Times News service


Jeff Morton said...

I read the the articles yesterday concerning all of this new information...My gosh are we soon to see this attempted again in greater horror?

Unknown said...

there are so many Holocaust facts how can anybody deny it's existance!