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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Arabs Preach Nazi Hate of Jews in PA Newspaper

Nadene Goldfoot
"Churchill and Roosevelt were alcoholics, and in their youth were questioned more than once about brawls they started in bars, while Hitler hated alcohol and was not addicted to it. He used to go to sleep early and wake up early, and was very organized. 

These facts have been turned upside down as well, and Satan has been dressed with angels' wings."  

  This was published in the  Al-Hayat al-Jadida, March 18, 2013, the official daily newspaper of the Palestinian National Authority.  In other words, it is a Fatah newspaper.  

This shows the mentality of our Arab neighbors.  He goes on to say that had the Nazis won, we would not be thinking highly of these two men.  He is praising Hitler because he didn't drink.  The man was a madman and yet the Arab writer is praising him.  

We know Hitler " for his insatiable greed for power, his ruthlessness, cruelty and utter lack-of feeling, his contempt for established institutions and his lack of moral restraints. "  The fact was that "he secretly admired  Roosevelt to a considerable degree, regardless of what he publicly said about him. Underneath he probably feared him inasmuch as he was unable to predict his actions.

Arabs leaders have been using Nazi propaganda on their people ever since Israel was created on May 14, 1948.   "Nazi propaganda was greatly facilitated by several Arab exiles, prominent among them Hajj Amin al-Husayni and Rashid Ali al-Kaylani, who were not tried after WorldWar II due to British concerns for their position in the Arab world in the post-war period.  Mein Kampf is popular with this population as well as Protocals of the Elder Zion" which is an antisemitic hoax purporting to describe a Jewish plan for taking over the world..

It was the huge Ottoman Empire who had sided with the Germans in WWI, and so many of the Arabs continued and kept siding with them in WWII as well.  Churchill didn't do the Jews any favors by writing off 80% of the Jewish National Homeland, but he did fight the Empire with the Arabs during WWI.  By WWII Churchill was Prime Minister and fighting Germans and won with the USA who had Roosevelt as President.  Thus, the rub about their drinking.  "Churchill  consumed alcoholic drinks on a near-daily basis for long periods in his life, and frequently imbibed before, after, and during mealtimes, although he is not generally considered by historians to have been an alcoholic."  It evidently did not keep him from performing his job well during WWII.   In 1953 he suffered a stroke and resigned in 1955.

Rumors were that  "Franklin D. Roosevelt, victim of infantile paralysis and confined to a wheelchair,   was a big drinker. He always just seemed to find his way around alcohol. One good example was when his doctor put FDR on a low-fat diet, to try to help his hypertension and heart problems. But FDR became underweight, so the doctor told him he'd have to put on weight again. FDR's plan to gain it back? Drinking mass quantities of egg nog.  Yet he was voted in as our President 3 times. He wasn't considered an alcoholic.  

Hitler's father and Stalin have been  described as the "supreme alcoholic",  Both illustrate what happens when addiction is not overcome - particularly, it seems, when the sufferers wield great power.  Most likely Hitler's father played a big part in shaping his mental problems.  He fought constantly with the mother, who was Catholic.  His father spent much time in bars.   Hitler managed to use Jews as his personal scapegoat for all is personal problems, thus had the power to kill 6 million.  This is what these Arab leaders are using as an idol  to follow.

Resource: by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

Daily newspaper Founder Nabil Amro
Hafeth Al Barghouti Editor-in-chief Arif Hijjawi Language Arabic Headquarters Ramallah Palestinian territories Official website

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