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Sunday, March 24, 2013

WHY ISRAEL HAS TO IGNORE UN; Stacked Against Israel By The Misinformed

Nadene Goldfoot
Only about 20 years old and the UN became permeated with anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist reasoning.  The atmosphere in the early 1970's  became ugly by the outlandish statements from some of the influential and wealthy UN membership about Jews.  After all, they just won a Six Day War when all the Arab nations attacked her to wipe her off the map, and they turned around and won the war.  They could not understand how all the attacks that had been thrown at these Jews could be thwarted.  Other tactics were then used, and used in the UN.  This still continues.

In 1974 the General Assembly invited Yasir Arafat to speak.  He did with a holster on his hip.  He spoke of carrying a gun and an olive branch.  His gun was just outside the hall.  The PLO cited a 1974 UN resolution condemning Israel as justification for setting off a bomb in Jerusalem.

Late 1974 Soviet and Arab states  had Assembly approve Resolution 3379, slandering Zionism by branding it as a form of racism.  US Ambassador Daniell Moynihan called this resolution an obscene act.  Israeli Ambassador Chaim Herzog said "it was based on hatred of Jews, falsehood and arrogance".  It was as if Hitler was enforcing this resolution.

1975 was when the Assembly gave the PLO permanent representative status.  this meant they could open an office in midtown Manhattan.  The PLO established "Committee on the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People.  The panel was part of the PLO propaganda apparatus and issued stamps, organized meetings, prepared films and drafted resolutions in support of Palestinian "rights."

1976 The committee wanted "full implementation of the inalienable rights of the Palestinians including their return to the Israeli part of Palestine (western where Tel Aviv is).  It also said that November 29th be declared an International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People which the UN has observed with anti-Israel speeches, films, exhibits.  A special unit on Palestine was established as part of the UN Secretariat.

Libyan UN Representative Ali Treiki said, " Is it not the Jews who are exploiting the American people and trying to debase them?"  " On  December 8,  1983, Treki was rebuked by the Secretary  General of the United Nations after a speech before the global body in which he urged its members to
Look around New York. He had declared,  "Who are the owners of pornographic film operations and houses?  Is it not the Jews who are exploiting the American people and trying to debase them? If we succeed in eliminating that entity, we shall by the same token save the American and European peoples." .  

Whatever gave him such a crazy idea as this?   Now he wants to eliminate all Jews?  Again, this is the holdover of Nazi beliefs.   The barely Jewish 2% of American population could exploit the other 98%?  For all these years, Jews in America suffered from a lot of anti-Semitism, especially before WWII.  There were limits on Jews accepted into colleges, and there was a non-acceptance into country clubs, organizations, etc.  Jews were turned down in job hiring.  We were at the other end of the spectrum as far as having rights.  That's why we understood the trials the Blacks were going through and hooked up to help them in the 60's when they were having a struggle for rights.

Saudi Arabian delegate Marouf al Dawalibi said in 1984 to the UN Human Rights commission conference on religious tolerance, "The Talmud (discussions of Jewish Law) says that if a Jew does not drink every year the blood of a non-Jewish man, he will be damned for eternity."   Not only is this an out and out rotten lie, one knows that this Muslim never read the Jewish book, the Talmud by his very utterance.  This stems from a medieval  slanderous accusation from European peasants about Jews.  Muslims should know that Jews do not eat blood.  This means they don't even want a rare steak or rare hamburger.  Part of koshering meat is to remove all blood.  G-d forbid if we injest any blood!  People who keep saying this are idiots who know nothing about Jews.  This kosher law comes from Moses who gave us this law in about 1300 BCE.

The UN has come out with more anti-Israel resolutions than for any other country.  It gets all the attention, but it's all negative.  Once on December 16,  1991 they did something for Israel, and that was to repeal the resolution 3379 libelling Zionism. No Arab state voted with the majority.   (There were 13 abstentions and 17 delegations absent or not voting) .  Then they sped up their biases after that.  In less than a week before repealing the measure, the General Assembly approved 4 new one-sided resolutions.

1. December 11, 1991, voted 104-2 calling for a UN sponsored peace conference including the PLO.
2. December 11, 1991, voted 142-2 to condemn Israeli behavior toward Palestinian in the territories.
3. December 16, 1991, repealed Zionism measure-voted 152-1, USA abstained, force Israel to rescind a Knesset resolution declaring Jerusalem was its capital.
4. December 16, 1991, demanding Israel's withdrawal from "occupied territories" including Jerusalem, the right of return for Palestinians, denounced Israeli administration of the Golan Heights.

The repeal in 1991 was a marred one.  13 of the 19 Arab countries, including those involved in negotiations with Israel, which were Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, voted to retain the resolution of course, along with Saudi Arabia.  6 others, including Egypt, were absent from the voting.  No Arab country voted for the repeal.  The PLO denounced the vote and the US role.

The Arabs voted again to impugn the very birthright of Israel, the New York Times wrote.  "That even now most Arab states cling to a demeaning and vicious doctrine mars an otherwise belated triumph for sense and conscience." 

1991 UN sponsored the 8th "North American NGO "non governmental organization" Symposium on the Question of Palestine."  They brought out a parade of luminaries who were all anti-Semitic causing ad nauseam for any people in the audience who felt differently.  The program  brought up every anti-Israel cannard imaginable.  This was written description  by an observer who attended.  

Note that never, not once, has the Security Council ever expressed concern over the murder of Jews.  This "august group" spends their time and the USA money mugging Jews instead of having any political debate or put out any effort to solve problems said former UN Ambassador Jeane Kirpatrick, though I'm paraphrasing.  

"Secretaries General Kofi Annan and Ban Ki Moon, former president of the council Doru Costea,  the European Union,  Canada and the United States have accused the council of focusing disproportionately on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.  The United States boycotted the Council during the George W. Bush administration, but reversed its position on it during the Obama administration.  Beginning in 2009 however, with the United States taking a leading role in the organization, American commentators began to argue that the HRC (Human Rights Council) was becoming increasingly relevant."

Today's Security Council has 15 members.  5 are permanent and are: China, France, Russia, UK and USA.      

The 10 others, who must be elected for a 2 year term,  include Azerbaijan, 26th largest Shi'a Muslim state; Morocco, 10th largest Sunni/Sufi Muslim state, and Pakistan, 2nd largest Sunni/Shi'a Muslim state.  There are 48 Muslim states in the world and 1 Jewish state.  This is not counting Palestine, which will make 49.  Israel has never been elected to the Security Council.

2013  The UN is not playing the role it should to solve the Arab-Israeli dispute because of the bias of the members involved.  They can't see the trees for the forest.  Nothing has changed in the Arab viewpoint.  It's only become worse as the Muslim Brotherhood has gained in power in Egypt  along with Qatar who houses Qaradowi, proponent of killing all Jews and Al-Jazeera, station broadcasting hatred for Jews.

  The latest HRC meeting on March 22, 2013 came up with more Arab-backed resolutions against Israel.  That's all they can think of, evidently.  47 nations voted against Israel not including the USA.  They brought up criticism against Israel's construction in Judea-Samaria, and east Jerusalem that has been in Israel's hands since 1967.  They also threw in libel of abuses against citizens, which is as weird a slander as the blood libels of the Middle Ages.  Israel takes such pride in caring for its citizens, and look how the Arab countries treat theirs.  The whole Middle East is in an uproar with blood flowing from how they have treated their citizens.    It's pathetic.  Israel didn't bother to attend such an exhibit of anti-Semitism/anti-Israelism.  They are well aware of a bias that the Muslims all keep and their attitude of G-d forbid that they ever learn anything real about the Jews.  Oh no.  Israel has brought Democracy into their world which means freedom for its citizens; something these leaders are not about to approve.

Resource: Myths and Facts-a concise record of the Arab-Israeli conflict by Dr. Mitchell G. Bard, Joel Himelfarb p. 111-115

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