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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Obama's Song to Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
Obama is singing the same old song he did at the beginning of his presidency. He reiterates that "Peace is the only path to true security.  The American president calls for negotiations with the Palestinians, saying Israel has a true partner with Abbas and Fayyad;  at the same time, Obama insisted continued settlement construction is "counterproductive."

Mr. President, If I were the Prime Minister of Israel I would have built a home for every rocket, missile or mortar that the Palestinians attacked Israel with.  I would also have taken a mile of land for each and every one as well.  Peace is not made with weapons of death.

Let the building that is going on show the Palestinians that Israel is staying where they are and cannot be driven out.
 Let them see that it has not paid to be unwilling to make peace for these past 65 years.
 Let them see that Israel belongs in the Middle East.
This is what the building should be telling them visually.

Counterproductive?  Did it bring about peace to leave Gaza?  Quite the contrary, Mr. President.

Does Obama not understand that Israel is the proponent of peace between the two people?  Does he not understand who refuses to make peace?  Israel is the one that needs true security and is more than aware of false security measures.

Resource: Jerusalem Post

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