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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Insane UN Follows Syria's Lead

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                         
Just when I thought there was hope for the UN, they've gone crazy again with their harping hatred against Israel.  They are demanding that Israel hand over control of the Golan to the merciless Syrian army.  We must realize now that they have flipped their lid!  This is at a time when wild rockets have landed in the Golan as a spillover from their constant barrages on their populace.  Golan  is under Israel's control and has been peaceful and a content area.  .  

"At the UN Human Rights Council on Friday, March 8th, Syria accused Israel of violating human rights of children in the Golan, while diplomats met in another chamber on the same day to discuss a Syrian-drafted resolution to be adopted next week, entitled "Human Rights in the Occupied Syrian Golan." There will be five other resolutions targeting Israel, and about the same number on the rest of the world combined.  This is the most ridiculous ploy ever tried by Man.  At a time when the Syrian government has killed 70,000 of its own people who are rebellious and dissatisfied with their government, Syria has the audacity to turn around and put the floodlight on everyone's pet scapegoat, the Jews of Israel to get world attention off their own backs.  Pathetic!

The surreal UN text ignores mass atrocities of Assad's regime.  Instead of Syria doing the presentation, a "Pakistani colleague who chaired the session on behalf of the Islamic group presented the UN text.  .

Note that "not a single diplomat called out the sheer lunacy of the exercise. Rather, the EU commented that it was "committed to the protection of all, including those in the occupied Golan." It was willing to "constructively engage on the text," even as it noted that its proposals last year were not implemented.  Egypt, Israel's neighbor who was just awarded millions of dollars, pretty much as a bribe to stay peaceful with Israel, double-crossed the USA by  saying that  it aligned itself with the Islamic group. Of course they are a part of the Islamic group and were former leaders of it, so...what do people expect from them?  Whoever  is surprised is really quite naive.  

And what kind of human rights does Saudi Arabia exhibit as an example for the world to follow?  "As we heard this week from Amnesty International, Saudi Arabia was preparing imminently to execute seven alleged child offenders including Sarhan Al Mashayekh—who was also sentenced to be crucified over three days. Why is the Council refusing to address this in any resolution, urgent session, or even debate?  The Saudis have executed them by firing squad.

The UN is either so afraid of Syria or so enamored with them that they "elected Syria as  Rapporteur of the decolonization committee dealing with human rights."  

The Golan Heights was occupied by Israel after the 1967 War in which Israel was attacked by all Arab countries and won out.  Later in 1981 Israel annexed the Golan.  It is part of Israel.  Israel, led by Joshua, took the Golan from the Amorites.  The Israelite tribes of Dan and Manasseh had lived here.  It's back in Israel's domain again.  

What is happening is that 21 UN peacekeepers that were Filipinos had been captured.  They were released after 3 days.  (Force made up of Philippines, India, Croatia, Austria.)   They were between Syria and Israel.  Then the UNDOF legal advisor was kidnapped and held for ransom.  Japan had already pulled out its men.Croatia and Canada have joined them.    "Israel warned 10 days ago that it could not be expected to stand idle as Syria's civil war, in which 70,000 people have been killed, spilled over into the Golan Heights."   "UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a December report to the Security Council that fighting between Syrian armed forces and rebels inside the area of separation has "the potential to ignite a larger conflict between Israel and the Syrian Arab Republic, with grave consequences."  Now the UN have pulled out their peacekeeping patrols.  1,000 Syrian rebels are fighting only 25 km or about 15 miles  from the Golan.  Then again, Syria is still ticked off because in January Israel bombed a fleet carrying chemical weapons bound to be used on Israel, and also hit the center they were being manufactured in.  Now they're getting even with this preposterous claim.  Of course Russia and Iran stood with Syria.

Netanyahu plans to build a border fence between Syria and Israel in the Golan.

Resource:  UN Watch

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